5 incredible technology based gift ideas for employees

Digitek.net.in : Gifts are the gestures carrying emotions of the giver. It has to vary from person to person and purpose to purpose. In fact, selecting gifts is an altogether different art that tests the creativity level of a person. Things get even more challenging when it comes about corporate gifts. A corporate gift is essential to be creative, cryptic (to surprise), and useful as well. The safest option in this regard would be to go with something technological. In this context, given below are some of the incredible ideas of corporate gift foremployees from technology arena.   

Cloud storage device:
Modern day professionals live in the world of web. They thrive on data and storage. Naturally, gifting something that can fulfil them in this regard would be amazing. Good news is that modern day tech arena has plenty of this kind to offer. Best recommendation would be to go with a cloud storage device. It can be a fantastic gift idea for any level corporate employee.  

Corporate employees remain in the hunt of opportunities to boast their presentation skills. A gift that could help them on this matter would indeed be appreciated. How about magnifiers? Incredible magnifiers available in contemporary tech market can thoroughly magnify the laptop, desktop, and even the smartphone screens at a great level. Best part, these magnify the display without compromising with the picture quality in anyway. A corporate folk who gives a lot of presentations would definitely find it endearing.

Lens kits
Corporate professionals, specifically those from marketing fields often have to send snaps of products, reports, stocks, etc. They look for the ways to enhance the quality of captures to convince a client, customer, managers, others. Gifting such a professional with something like a smartphone lens kit would indeed be amazing. These kits contain lenses of various kinds for smartphones and even the slates. Those passionate about photography will find it even more amazing.  
A smart tablet
A technology based corporate gift is not essential to be expensive always. There are many options one can find in a pocket-friendly way as well. If you are aiming to gift something at or within 50 dollars, a nice tablet would be a fantastic recommendation. Tablets from top brands with incredible features like 16 GB storage, 1.5GHzprocessing unit, and of 7 inches display can be availed within 50 dollars. Moreover, gifts of such can be useful for the corporate professionals all the way; be it about regarding works or for entertainment purpose.

USB chargers:
Being a corporate professional, it’s not uncommon to deal with varieties of devices; some personal, and some official. It is equally essential to keep these entire active, always. Excuses like ‘device was switched off’ don’t really work for top level corporate professionals. Gifting something like a USB desk charging port would be thus a fantastic recommendation for such people. In fact high-end devices in this segment even come with more than 6 USB ports.

Apart from all these, gifting an external hard drive, health tracker device, or something robotic would also be a nice ideas.

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