A peek in to Yo-Yo test and the fitness standard of modern day cricketers

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Cricket has transformed significantly in terms of fitness in past decade. Indeed, the contemporary cricketers are the most evolved both physically and mentally. In fact, it won’t be wrong to claim that the supreme level of fitness has diminished the importance of technical flawlessness to a great extent. Especially, the shorter format of the games has gone much more athletic, smart and power intended. Cricket boards of almost every nation are equally serious and uncompromising regarding the fitness standard of the cricketers. One’s technical flaws may get shadowed or excused, but there is no chance of ignoring fitness aspects these days. In fact, cricketers have also realised the importance of fitness to a great extent. Be it about compulsively, but cricketers have realised that it’s not possible to sustain in cricketing arena ignoring fitness. Moreover, they have examples up front of even hugely renowned players getting shacked due to poor fitness level.

Prominent players failing the Yo-Yo test:
Suresh Raina is the first prominent name to be caught and shacked from the team due to fitness reasons. Being known as one of the swiftest fielders and runners between the wickets, Raina shocked the entire cricket arena when it was reported that he failed to pass the Yo Yo test. In fact, not just once, Raina has failed the test twice after injury. He has failed to attain the 16:1 mark, which is considered as the nominal level for Indian players. The standard is generally set by the strength and conditioning coach. After Raina getting shacked in the year 2016, the other big name who failed to cross the huddle of Yo Yo test was the star all-rounder Yuvraj Singh. Raina and Yuvraj were two big names, which is the reason that their failure created some news. Otherwise, not making in to the team due to failure at Yo Yo test has appeared as a common reason for many aspirants in modern times.

What is Yo-Yo test?
In case of yo-yo test, the concerned player has to shuttle between two cones that are kept at around 20 meter distance on a flat surface. The player has to start once he is signalled through a beep and must reach the cone at the other end prior the second beep is made. Next, he has to make a turn and come back to the initial cone prior the third beep is made. The entire process falls under one ‘shuttle’.
At the initial stage, the player has to do one shuttle, at the speed level of 5. Once the player passes at the speed level of 5, next he has to appear for the speed level of 9. At the speed level of 11, the player has to do two shuttles, at speed level of 12 there are three shuttles, at 13 there are four shuttles, and eight shuttles at the level 14. Number of shuttles increases onwards up to 23 (though no one has even got any closer to 23).

At maximum, a player can have only ten seconds for recovery between the shuttles. He (the player) gets the first warning upon failing to reach the cone prior the beep sounds. The test has to end for the player at the third warning. As evident, the time to cover each shuttle gets reduced with each shuttle. It means with growing level, the player has to run even faster. A player has to keep on crossing one level after the other until the third warning is given. And, the level achieved at the third warning is his Yo-Yo test score. India sets the minimum qualification score of 16:1.Newzealand has the toughest standard, where a player has to pass the level of 20:1. 
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