How to know if someone has been stealing your Wi-Fi?

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Is your internet connection not as fast as it once was? Firstly, you may blame your internet provider, so you either call them to find out what’s the issue or you wait for a few days to fix the problem. Still, nothing seems to work? Then, it’s quite possible that someone is stealing your Wi-Fi connection.

To know more about how to detect and prevent someone from using your internet, keep reading ahead:
  • Your router light is on:
One easy way to know if any unauthorized person is accessing your Wi-Fi is to check your router’s light. First, turn off all the wireless devices connected to your network. Make sure you shut down, Wi-Fi of your tablet, phone, Tv, computer and any other device that require Wi-Fi connection. Then, check if the indicator light on your router is still blinking. If the light is still lit, then probably someone has hacked your internet connection.
  • Look for another IP Address in your Router Device list:
First, type your IP address in the browser’s address bar. This will help you to log in to your router. You will find the IP address attached on a sticker of your router along with username and password. Once you log in, look for the section called Device list or attached devices. Now, here you will find a list of IP Address currently being used from your network. This is how you can determine, if any other IP address is using your Wi-Fi.
  • Detect with the help of an app:
Today, there are many apps available to detect unusual devices logged into your network. Make use of these apps to check such devices, connected to your network without your permission. These apps can provide a valuable hint that your network has been hacked.
  • Change your security settings:
If you suspect someone is using your network, it’s always a good idea to change the password. If you do not have any password secured on your network, it’s time to add one.
To change your password, see for the pre-shared key in the security settings. Once you change your password, you will have to reconnect all your devices with your new password. This will kick off those unwanted freeloaders from your network.
These security tricks will help your network to be safe. Now, since you know how to deal with those intruders, try to protect your private information and wireless devices.

Unfortunately, few people think it’s completely fine to steal other’s network. The reasons may vary regarding why they do this. And, since you are the one paying your internet bill, why to share your Wi-Fi connection with others?
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