Best Productivity Gadgets In 2019

                    gadgets (best known for latest electronic gadgets ) : Gadgets have made life a lot easier for us, both in our professional and personal domains. Innovators and manufacturers are constantly working on new ideas and products that can further help us in our everyday tasks. For boosting productivity, there are several latest electronic gadgets available in 2019, some of which are listed below.

Portable scanner: This can be used in offices as well as homes. Portable scanners are compact and come with rechargeable inbuilt batteries. This makes them portable and it can easily fit in your backpack or briefcase. With more processes being conducted online, a number of documents have to be submitted in electronic form. With a portable scanner, you will never have to fuss about getting your documents scanned.

Posture control gadget: There is enough evidence to show that sitting on chairs for long hours can increase the risk of spinal and back problems. This is especially true for people who slouch on chairs. Now a new gadget is available that warns people when their sitting posture is inappropriate. The gadget comprises a small device placed on the upper spine, which is managed via a smartphone app.

Fidget pen: Fidgeting is usually frowned upon and often classified as an undesirable habit. However, recent research studies have shown that fidgeting can actually help relieve stress and anxiety. The fidget pen has an array of inbuilt fidgeting tools such as spin disk, rolling ball, click switch, flip clip, and smooth dip. Fidget pen reduces stress and anxiety and allows people to focus on their work.

Foldable keyboard: This is very useful when you need to type a long text, but don't have access to a keyboard. For example, if you are travelling or holidaying with just your smartphone or tablet, typing long text can be very challenging. A foldable keyboard can come handy, as it can wirelessly connect to your smartphone or tablet. So, the experiencewill be just like using a PC or laptop.

Multi-function pen: If you travel often, you would have come across situations when you had forgotten your gadgets or accessories. A multi-function pen can be very useful, as it has several components inbuilt such as stylus, power bank, memory stick, screen cleaner and a fully-functional ballpoint pen.

Trying latest electronic gadgets is fun, but not all new gadgets may work as expected. So, make sure you read reviews by other buyers to know if it's worth it. Also ensure that you buy from a reputed seller, so that you can be assured about the quality of latest electronic gadgets.

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