Cloud-based core banking: is it possible?

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The cloud-based core banking system is a stern automated workspace, it delivers new services faster, enhances expertise and delivers savings. This system processes regular banking transactions and posts updates along with various other financial records. Core banking system generally includes deposits, loans, and credit processing capability. The major task of the core banking system is to expedite almost every major transaction for the bank. Presently, only a small percentage of the banks have shifted their core banking system to cloud-based platforms. Other banks often outsource their data to private clouds. This system lets customers expand new services.
  1. Benefits of migrating core banking to cloud
  • Cloud computing for financial service: The transition from cloud computing to mainstream technology has been over bleeding edge. Over the years almost 74% of the financial services have adopted the hybrid cloud system. Most of the financial institutions have taken a risk-based approach for approving the cloud. They are taking software as a service solution. Partially, it is in work but not in core functions. So the question here is, is it the appropriate time to transform to cloud processing system? And how soon the business should adopt and transform to cloud?
  • Cloud-based core banking: The long term benefits for the financial institutions to migrate core banking to the cloud system. This was done while enlisting the risks and challenges associated with them.
  1. Rewards
  • Infrastructure savings: The cloud computing system cuts out the high cost of infrastructure for companies, hence, excluding the need to maintain their own data centres.
  • Security & availability: It excels in the area of information resiliency and privacy.
  1. Risks
  • Limited understanding of mainframe applications: The various technical issues or the technical credits as the device platforms create issues. Technical estates such as the traditional platforms can pose a risk if divulgence is not performed to ensure that all necessary dependencies are preserved and functionality tested.
  • Untangling data transformations from third-party sourcesSome core banking operations can await data from any third-party systems. When data is conveyed into the enterprise, data goes through the various layers, to ensure utilization by target operations.
Leading the core banking transformation
So the time has come to transform the core banking system into the cloud and it should be incorporated in the minds of all banking executives. The administrative operations that support the core banking would need a target disposition to accredit to them.
Bottom Line
The concept detailed in this paper lays out an achievable, calculated approach to move core banking to the cloud while mitigating risk throughout the move. Cloud has the scale, security, availability, and meets the regulatory needs to have critical core banking workload migrated. Banks can realize quick wins while simultaneously learning—as a cohesive organization—on how they need to adapt to a post-mainframe world.
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