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The relentless use of styling tools, inefficiencies in proper moisturization, lack of proper hydration, dullness and build-ups on the scalp often make it very hard to achieve healthy and beautiful hair. Thus, it is very essential that our hair are nourished with these tips and natural ingredients to ensure that they stay exclusive.
Hair definitely plays a very important role in augmenting looks and gracefulness. The extreme conditions in the environment, stress along with sedentary lifestyles has really increased the problem of Hair fall.
Falling of hair is a natural spectacle but falling and thinning of hair in overblown sums can be really alarming.
Dr. Arvind Poswal, Hair Expert and Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. A’s Clinic edifies with a few tips which can instantaneously change our hair health:
1.  Lemon
Lemon is genuinely effective for treating several hair and scalp problems. It has many benefits like removing dandruff, promoting hair growth, unclogs the hair follicles, boosts the production of collagen and even maintains a healthy scalp.
2. Hair Styling and Heating Tools: In today’s time, to maintain a social prestige most people of the country are totally neglecting how styling tools like straighter, blow-dry and curlers. Excessive heating on hair often leaves them dry and brittle. In this process, the hair often loses their moisture and lose their shine.
3. Ditch Heating Tools: Styling tools like straighter, blow-dry and curlers have actually become an innate part of our hair accessories but its high time that one should actually minimize their use. Excessive heating on hair often leaves them dry and brittle. In this process, the hair often loses their moisture and lose their shine.
4. Amla, Shikakai and Reetha: Amla is a very effective cure to prevent falling of hair as it is rich in Vitamin C and it will provide the hair follicles the desired strength and nourishment and avert them from falling. Reetha acts as a very effective hair cleansing agent that ensures a healthy scalp while averting infections. Reetha also ensures that the hair are luscious and shiny. Shikakai is rich in vitamin C which helps in preventing hair loss while promoting greater hair growth. It helps in repairing the damaged cells of the hair and boosts hair health. 
5. Neem and Aloe Vera
The neem has natural benefits for the hair and is one of the oldest hair remedies. It actually deals with several scalp problems, effectively cleanses the scalp and unclogs the scalp pores. Aloe Vera, on the other hand, conditions the hair and promotes the manageability of hair. These two ingredients actually make a very effective combination in promoting hair health.
6.     Yogurt: The yogurt acts as a natural conditioner for hair and provides extra nutrition to the hair while making the strands softer and frizz-free. The yogurt is rich in proteins and Vitamin B5 that are very helpful for the hair.
In cases, where the extreme problem of hair fall has already lead to the problem of Balding or can’t be tackled with these natural remedies, people must go in for 100% safe yet very effective solutions like Hair Transplant.
Over the years, hair transplant has actually proven its effectiveness with excellent results. Many people were initially reluctant to opt for it, but the scenario has been changing lately.  

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