The Pink Tax: Everything You Need To Know About It

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All the ladies! Hear me out. You won’t believe what cost it brings to you for being a female consumer. Even after all the gender equality strides that have been made, it is still tough to be a woman in 2019, especially when the govt. itself doesn’t recognize the alarm. Read on to know the horrifying reality woman have to go through in the 21st century.
  • Even after being a minority numerically, women have to pay 42% more every year, than a man, that too, on essential products like pads, tampons and shampoo. Researchers have suggested that women products cost higher than regular products. This gender-biased price discrimination where women have to pay more for the same services and products is termed as “The Pink Tax”.
  • In most states, erectile dysfunction drugs for men are tax-exempted while female consumers pay more for hygienic products used for menstruation. For many women, the ‘pink tax’ adds up to $1,351 per year.
  • The New York City Department of Consumer Affairs found out that about 800 products of women cost 7% more than the same products manufactured for men.
  • In about 40 states, the horrifying cramps you go through every month because of menstruation is considered as a luxury. Some states grant exemption of taxes in medical and groceries purchase. But in others, tampons aren't exempted of taxes, making it a luxurious activity, which is why it is commonly called as "tampon tax."
  • The tax attributed to female hygiene products makes a lot of money for your state, which ranges from 2.9 to 7.5% in most states. For the state, it's not an added tax, but it's considered to be regular sales tax on products that are considered to be essential for most women by the state.
  • To make the product look feminine, most of the companies make the product smaller and changes its colour to pink. Just the change of colour to pink increases the cost of the product which is much higher than any neutral or male-targeted brand products. Cause why not? It’s pink after all! A Female-used-product.
The Consumer Reports, in 2010 has found that female-branded products cost 50% more than male-branded items. Yet, there's not any single factual evidence of difference between the products except the size and colour. Changing the colour and size makes the product female-branded as a high revenue tool for the company.  
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