The true story behind Jonathan Taylor Thomas’s disappearance

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This piece of article is about the biweekly analysis made about the former icon Jonathan Taylor Thomas who disappeared 15 years ago. The contemporary version of the 25years legendary love story of NALA and SIMBA that is the LION KING was released in theatres this year. But the anguish in the whole story is that young Simba is not featured by its real voice i.e., by the M.I.A legend Jonathan Taylor Thomas. This floppy-haired child had reached the sky-high level of stardom at a very tender his late teens, he did a couple of indie films and then vanished completely. He had disappeared for 15 years from the red carpet and had shown only a few on-screen debuts.

His early days
Let’s start from the birth, Jonathan Taylor swift commonly known as JTT was born on September 8, 1981, raised in Sacramento, California.  At a very early age, Hollywood came knocking to his life. He was a photogenic septuagenarian. The first movie he was cast in was The Adventures of Spot and In Living Colour, that came to dominate his teen years. The character played by him brought an immense amount of fame.

So the real story behind his disappearance was his hair.
Yes, it's not a rumour, it's the real story that he left due to his hairs. Jonathan was a cute little kid having a whining grin. In addition to these features, he had an extravagant feature that doodled every teen girl of the era and, that was his hair. With honey-coloured and golden hairs his hairs had the right amount of volume in it. He lost the show on home improvement because of his hairs.

Only because of his hairs he lost the man of the house as they were too much cheeky for it. Again, when your hairs are in too much attention it's hard to recognize your visual identity. So what he did was, cut his hair to floppy tuft and faded them to darker brown shades. He was seen on screen as a guest appearance on home improvement which was the last time he was seen on the television. Since then Jonathan Taylor had completely disappeared from the T.V screen or the film screen. And this explanation for his disappearance is completely non-rumoured and true.

The Bottom Line
Now don’t go and search for his Instagram account because you won’t be able to find him in any social media. No one knows where he is and what he does after his appearance on TV in 2013.

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