Cybersecurity startup Uniken making 'connecting' safe in today's digital world

Our country is gradually moving towards a digital-first economy by implementing the latest technology to catalyse processes such as digital payments, online banking, cloud computing/storage, etc. Processes involving paperwork are slowly is replaced by personal smartphone screens and laptops. However, with this steady growth of India's digital infrastructure boosting convenience, we are brought under the mammoth risk of cyber threats and data breach. Owing to the risk prevailing with regards to cyber threats, there has been a flurry of cybersecurity startups that have come up in the last few years offering some very unique security products/applications. One such startup that has been doing some noteworthy work in this domain is - Uniken.

Starting up
Uniken, a Pune-based cybersecurity startup wants to make the process of 'connecting' safe for their customers. The company was founded to offer companies a way to solve one of the weakest links in data security - the digital networks that connect and authenticate the enterprise to partners, customers and employees – and to protect businesses from costly security breaches.

Uniken's focus on zero defects concept is the primary thing that gives its security platform a disruptive profile. Security experts have maintained that all security systems are vulnerable to some form of security threats. It has been believed that a system that's 100% secure can never be built. However, Uniken's REL-ID has proved these assumptions wrong and has tons of data to back its claims.

The REL-ID platform
True to its name, Uniken is a pioneer in the field of digital security. Uniken's flagship product REL-ID is an advanced, first-of-its-kind security platform that secures connections between customers and businesses by eliminating all possibilities of data breach and fraud. A mobile-first solution, REL-ID effectively protects customers, enterprises and the entire ecosystem from a wide variety of risks such as identity attacks, device attacks and network attacks

While traditional systems focus on reducing risks, Uniken's security platform has been designed to eliminate the occurrence of all potential threats. Uniken has handled more than 2 billion interactions till date and there has not been even a single case of stolen identity, data breach or financial loss.

The basic idea powering Uniken's REL-ID is quite simple and has been in use for many decades. In earlier times, traders used to tear a currency note into two pieces, which were then used to establish the identity of the two parties involved in the transaction. Every time a note is torn, it creates two distinct identities that can never be the same. Uniken’s security platform utilizes the same concept by building two separate cryptographic split keys that are 
then used to connect the customer and the enterprise in a secure manner.

For its pioneering product REL-ID, Uniken has received various awards and recognition including Gartner Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management (2018) and Forrester Now Tech Industry Leader in Authentication Management Solutions (2018).

Why Uniken?
In addition to offering enhanced security of digital interactions and transactions, Uniken is also focused on making things easier and faster for customers. Uniken's security platform works in invisible mode, thereby eliminating the hassle of entering passwords, tokens, PINs and following other manual authentication protocols. All types of authentication such as device identity, app identity and user identity are achieved at high speeds and at IoT scale, which significantly enhances the customer experience. Uniken's security solution is also omnichannel, as it can be implemented across various channels such as online, mobile, IVR, call center, chat, kiosk, and in-person.

We support local and global customers out of India. This has led to the best customer deployments and collaboration models. We have a zero fraud record. Moreover, we have never lost a customer renewal. This is a testimony to our ability to implement, sustain and support large deployments with best outcomes” said Mr. Bimal Gandhi, CEO, Uniken.
He adds “REL-ID from Uniken offers the most comprehensive suite of protection, detection and correction technologies in the mobile app security/shielding space. No other solution in the industry organically combines device fingerprinting, app fingerprinting, user identity management, malware detection, multi-factor authentication, secure channel and cryptographic digital signing in one single small footprint SDK while maintaining maniacal focus on UX/CX.”

Onward journey
Uniken is led by a dynamic team of visionary leaders, tech pioneers and innovators. The team is constantly innovating and making constant efforts in improving their product with time. Currently, the company is working towards enhancing transactional authentication solutions to support any type of biometric.

Three years down the line, Uniken expects to be recognised as the industry standard in the identity authentication/secure channel space having developed and successfully marketed a fundamentally groundbreaking platform.

Mr. Bimal Gandhi, CEO, Uniken says "We see Uniken continuing to grow and become a true leader in the space – we are not out for incremental change or success – we believe we are the future of security".
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