Newborn Care Week 2019: Don’t Make These Mistakes

Becoming new parents is no easy job. It takes a lot of efforts, responsibilities and sleep nights to be able to raise your child. For new parents, the whole process of caressing the baby seems to be really puzzling. Being a mother is way difficult than any other job with new challenges and experiences coming along the way, every single day. They often get jumbled up as to what is right and what’s not. The new mother absolutely leaves no stone unturned to ensure the best of the child and for it wellness.

So, this Newborn Care Week 2019, from 15-21 November, Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior 
Gynaecologist and Founder, Risaa IVF has rolled out common mistakes that new parents generally make.
  1. Manage your time as your baby is asleep
Even though newborns sleep for 18-20 hours a day, there’s precious little time for the new mom and dad to chill to deal with the major change that their life has undergone.
New moms and dads should get some quality sleep, spend time with each other, get done with their work commitments and run errands while their baby is asleep. It is essential for them
  1. It’s okay if your Baby cries
For a parent, it is tough to see their baby cry but it’s the only way babies can interconnect. Many pieces of research even say that babies may cry even if they are completely sufficient and fulfilled. It is important for new parents to know that it is perfectly okay for a baby to cry.
  1. A Burp is very Essential
It is as imperative as breastfeeding your baby that your baby burps after a meal. This can be really tiresome but it is very essential. It is advised for the parents to never put down your baby to sleep after feeding them as this shall prevent them from throwing up. It even eases the baby and doesn’t lead them to any kind of discomfort.
  1. Do Not Panic Unnecessarily
It is normal for new parents to be concerned about the wellbeing and protection of their newborn baby. However, first-time parents are generally very concerned and often panic at the situation unnecessarily. They overreact to even slightest of unusual things and call up their doctors for everything. New parents often take time to comprehend their change in their roles to being new parents.

It is very essential that new parents take proper care of their children to ensure their proper development and care. Becoming first-time parents is altogether with the most elated feelings in this world which is extraordinary and amazing.

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