How To Avoid Gadget Addiction In Kids

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Latest electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, etc. have made life easier for us and it’s almost impossible to live without these devices. However, just like everything else, gadgets also have some negative aspects. One of these is the increasing number of gadget addiction cases among kids.

Overuse of gadgets such as smartphones by kids can lead to various problems such as eye damage, lack of social interaction, impaired brain development and lack of physical exercise and sunshine. As a parent, it's your responsibility to ensure that your kids don't become addicted to gadgets. Here are some steps you can take to avoid gadget addiction in kids.

Counseling: Be a friend to your kids and explain to them the harmful effects of using gadgets over long durations. If you just say 'NO', it may not work. But, if you provide proper counseling, it is possible that your kid might understand and stop overusing gadgets.

Lead by example: Children learn a lot from their parents, so make sure you use gadgets minimally in front of them. In case you have some office assignments or calls, you can do it in a separate room. When your children see that you use gadgets minimally, they will develop the same habit.

Limit screen time: Depending on the child's needs, you need to limit the screen time for your kid. Anywhere between 1-2 hours should be the max you should allow your child to use gadgets like smartphones. Anything more than this is likely to be harmful for your kid.

Be strict: Children have a habit of throwing tantrums when their favorite gadgets are snatched away from them. Some parents give in to such emotional blackmail, which is not good for the child. You need to be strict when it comes to enforcing rules related to use of gadgets.

Offer to play: There are a wide variety of indoor and outdoor games and sports that you can play with your kids. This will help kids reduce their dependence on gadgets.

Appreciate their efforts: If your child is learning to reduce the time spent with gadgets on their own, you should appreciate their efforts. This will motivate them to continue limiting their screen time.

When used in the right manner, gadgets can be a great learning tool for your child. Research studies have shown that app based interactive learning is far more effective, as compared to reading from a book. With the above tips, you can prevent gadget addiction in your kids, all while allowing them to use gadgets in a beneficial manner.
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