Is it really necessary to wash your hands post urination?

This is a basic manner which has been taught to us since our childhood, to wash our hands after using the washroom. No matter how clean your hands are, once you’re done urinating, you got to put those damn hands under a running pipe. But do people follow this? Do they wash their hands?

To find out whether people wash their hands or not, scientists have researched research and what they concluded was gross. The study mentioned that people usually don't wash their hands post-urination. Only 67% of people put their hands underwater before they leave the washroom. We've put together some of the reasons below about why one should wash their hands after urinating.

·         Whenever you pay a visit to the washroom, indirectly you visit the germ land. Imagine your hands are covered with diarrhoea and you forget to wash them off. Washing hands is extremely necessary as it’ll stop you0 from welcoming diarrhoea to your home. Urine is pretty clean when compared with faeces, but it is not completely sterile.
         The director, Michael Osterholm from the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, said in an interview with the New York Times that, women are better about sticking to the washing of hands than men.
          No matter how careful you remain while urinating, it is still possible for some faecal bacteria and faecal material to stick to your hands. So, the epidemiologist of the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center, says that it would be wise to always use water and soap for post-urination. To kill the bacteria or remove faecal materials neither water nor hand sanitizers will work.

·         Urine and faecal carry Zika and Salmonella respectively, along with pneumonia, bronchitis, and meningitis. If your body comes in contact, with the handle, toilet seat, toilet paper and the stall door, then these germs can easily stick to your hands in seconds. Even if you’re not directly touching the urine or poop, millions of germs are transferred to your hands anyway. A research conducted by Gerba suggested that literally, shit travels. Flushing can sprinkle the tiny water drops up to 3 feet in the air along with all the lovely bacterias.

·         A hygiene researcher, Sally Bloomfield says that not cleaning the hands is similar to not using the seat belt. Probably, you’ll not notice any drastic effect but you might acquire cold or norovirus which will knock you out for weeks. Washing your hands at regular intervals could reduce the risk of acquiring gastrointestinal infection and respiratory infection.

Bottom Line:
The temperature of the water doesn't matter here. You are not bound to wash your hands using only warm water. Washing your hands with soap and regular water is enough to prevent the spreading of disease-causing bacteria and germs. Gerba says the germs can remain alive for some hours, so pick up a soap or handwash right away and wash those germs off or they can cause troubles for you later.

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