Keeping up with the traditions, South Indian brides flaunt their ‘bling’ with ShubhJewellers

Brides are always looking for that ‘missing-factor’ which completes their bridal outfit. Although, they might be dressed in the most expensive Kanjeevaram saree or Kanchipuram Silk saree,but the look might not be complete without the statement making bling.

The history of jewellery tells us that women all over the country have been inspired by itscharm and role in enhancing the beauty of Indian women. Modern brides on their special day don’t like to experiment and prefer to embrace their traditional roots. The most challenging task for the brides is to pick the right piece which speaks volumes about their cultural values and amplifiestheir uniqueness.
In South Indian weddings, the brides carry their traditional value and don’t compromiseupon the authenticity of marriage. Every wedding is incomplete without the heavily embroidered sarees, notes of the nadaswaram, the South Indian shehnai, kolam at door steps and the lavish gold bridal jewellery. This love of jewellery is recognized by ShubhJwellers, one of the leading jewellers in Karnataka with over 80+ stores in India. ShubhJewellers caters the diverse needs of the brides according to their requirements and occasions.

Karnataka, which is known for its simple and culturally diverse people, has different brides from
different communities like Bunts, Coorgisand Kannadigas. Modern South Indian brides want to have concoction of various ceremonies and beautifully crafted jewellery to go with every occasion. The aim of the wedding is to serve a cultural mélange where the inspiration is drawn from nature, deities and is made with gold, following the trends of Meenakari styles. ShubhJewellers believes in the art of creating intricate ornaments, with delicacy and patience. Their wide range of jewellery includes mundale or nettibottuwhich is a distinctive mathapatti, heavy gold earrings, layered necklaces like havalakkisara, dollersara, pathak, kokkethathi, kasinasaraetc., odiyanam— a heavy gold saree belt, intrinsically designed armband, ungila and anklets.

ShubhJewellers bridal jewellery collection is chiefly created to match the attire of the bride and keep up with the traditions. This wedding season, let’s get inspired with these jewellerytrends and embrace the aesthetic sense, with the classic embellishments.

Keeping up with the traditions, South Indian brides flaunt their ‘bling’ with ShubhJewellers Keeping up with the traditions, South Indian brides flaunt their ‘bling’ with ShubhJewellers Reviewed by Newzpot on 21:42:00 Rating: 5
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