Marijuana vs. Alcohol: Which is more addictive?

This topic has been the centre of discussion on many platforms. There have been a lot of researches, surveys and studies to find out which is more addictive. Refreshment is the only thing that attracts us to these things. After a rough weekend, we search for things that'll help us balance our mental health. We crave relief from the rigorous schedule. Since everything comes with some sort of side effects, the side effect of these products is that they're addictive. But how much? Which causes more addiction? Which one should we stop consuming, Alcohol or Marijuana? Let's find out.
  • Marijuana has remained illegal for the past few decades which makes it difficult for us to measure the addictive properties of marijuana. People are not able to easily grab it from the market like they purchase alcohol. To understand which is more addictive, we've to understand the concept of the Lifetime dependence risk first.
  • Lifetime Dependence Risk: It refers to a person’s desire to consume a substance in an increased amount and facing difficulties while trying to withdraw. This is known as life dependence risk which is much lower in the case of marijuana than alcohol.
  • Only 9 per cent of all people who consume marijuana will face difficulties while withdrawing. However, 16 per cent of all the people drinking alcohol are at the edge of becoming alcoholics. Therefore, for now, alcohol is considered to be more addictive than marijuana.
  • What makes alcohol addictive? What does it do to our body? Studies have revealed that drinking of alcohol will release natural opioids in both the key brain regions. Jennifer M. Mitchell, the researcher of the University of California says that people whose brain releases more opioids will gain more pleasure and are likely to drink more, which in turn, will make them alcoholic.
  • After taking the interview with different people, we concluded that quitting marijuana does not trigger a person as alcohol does.
  • Most of the pot smokers don’t develop addiction over time because the effects of the consumption of weed last for so many days that it restricts them from using it frequently.
  • Recovering addicts have stated that out of all the drugs they'd ever tried, addiction to alcohol was the toughest to overcome. The effects of drugs and alcohol on the human body are very different from one another. Extreme addicts of alcohol have more risk of dying than weed addicts. This is because of the delirium tremens phenomenon. In this phenomenon, the person trying to quit alcohol goes through various changes in their organs, respiratory system, and especially on the cardiovascular system.
  • Another factor which adds to the addiction is that Alcohol is available more easily than any weed in the market. To obtain weed, one has to indulge in illegal activity and not everyone is willing to do that. But for buying alcohol, all one requires is a few bucks and a car. Advertisement on television, newspaper and social media is making people get inclined to it.
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