Top 5 Diseases That Could Create A Pandemic in Future

The World Health Organization is and always has been encouraging people to discuss various diseases that are affecting different countries, involving emerging diseases. The WHO has prepared a list of top 5 diseases that could create a pandemic in future. The list includes diseases for whom medication is not yet available.
  1. Ebola and Marburg
The virus, Marburg was first discovered in the year 1967 and the Ebola in 1976. These viruses can be easily transferred to both humans and primates. Further, it can spread among humans through the direct contact of bodily fluids and blood. Both of the viruses show symptoms of diarrhoea, fever, bleeding and vomiting. Although vaccines are under evaluation, there's not an approved treatment yet.
  1. MERS
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome or MERS, was first discovered in the year 2012, in Saudi Arabia. This contagious virus can be transferred due to close exposure to respiratory secretions, like coughing. The virus could be found affecting mainly elderly people with a mortality rate of 40 per cent. Most of the Arabian Peninsula countries are affected by this virus. Recently, cases from South Korea are coming into light.
  1. Lassa Fever
For the first time, the virus of Lassa Fever was discovered in 1950 and the multimammate rate is its reservoir. It has spread through the consumption of food which has been contaminated with rat urine or inhalation of vaporizers. In 20% of the cases, people were affected either due to exposure to bodily fluids or blood. Around 80% of patients didn't notice any symptoms, only one out of 5 infections were severe. About 15-20 per cent of patients died due to Lassa Fever. Though an antiviral medication is said to be effective, there's still no vaccine available. West Africa is a region where this disease is pandemic.
  1. Nipah
Nipah was first identified in the year 1999, among the pig farmers in Singapore and Malaysia. Since then, regular reports of outbreaks came from Bangladesh. Not only humans but also pigs were infected by this virus. But it became severe in the case of human resulting in the death of 40% of all the infected people. Direct exposure or contact to bats, pigs or date palm contaminated by a virus carrying bats are the media of transmission. There is no treatment or vaccine for humans, which is why it's considered to be one of the deadliest viruses of the world.
  1. SARS
Like MERS, SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome is the result of a coronavirus. There’s no certainty about the natural reservoir, however, there is a probability that it could be civets and bats. For the very first time, it was noticed in Asia in 2003. From Asia, it quickly spread to as many as 12 countries including Europe, America, and Asia, reporting 8,000 cases and 8,000 death cases. Mainly, it affected healthy and young people outside of hospital settings. It's good news that since 2004, not a single case of SARS has been registered. Besides, who knows what might happen in future. If it comes back into existence, no medication has been developed which can stop the virus.
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