Why isn't cricket a popular sport in the U.S.?

Americans do not fancy cricket as much as other countries do. Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world after football. The fact that Americans play every other sport such as ice hockey, baseball, soccer, golf, and basketball, except cricket, bothers us a lot. Sports fan are always seen asking this question: Why isn't cricket a popular sport in the U.S.? Why do Americans refuse to participate in the game? So, in this article, we've mentioned some of the reasons that might be the driving force behind America not encouraging cricket.
  • You'd be surprised to know that the first-ever international gaming event was the match of cricket between Canada and the US in 1844. Yes, you read that right. Every one of us is aware that cricket was invented by England and they are quite proud of it, just like America is proud of baseball or basketball. Americans are deeply connected with the game they created, maybe that's the reason they don't like to participate in something that's not American.
  • Another reason could be since Americans are not much aware of the sport, they're refusing to participate. They only take part in those areas where they can assert their dominance and demonstrate their skills. Cricket is not their cup of tea which calls for rigorous practice, and, maybe Americans are not ready for it now.
  • Weird fact: Cricket is very rarely broadcasted in America. This makes it tough for Americans to become excited about something which they cannot even watch at their homes. So, instead of that, they choose to watch baseball. Baseball is a sport that developed from cricket. Since cricket is said to resemble baseball, Americans find it difficult to encourage another game including a ball, a bat and running.
  • During the mid-19th century, cricket was popular in the US, but baseball was introduced by replacing cricket. With the development of transportation and communication technologies, baseball could be easily promoted worldwide. Various international associations were created to promote baseball globally, whereas, cricket clubs remained regional. Many top players such as A. G. Spalding and Harry Wright shifted to baseball. All the American fans followed them and never came back to cricket.
  • Though baseball and cricket seem similar, the rules are not similar from any angle. Americans do not want to waste their precious time and effort on learning something that's not of their interest. They neither have the time nor have the interest to follow cricket, its leagues and matches. Lack of time and patience makes another reason why cricket does not enjoy popular support from the US.
Not now, but maybe in future, cricket will become an obsession for them, just like soccer and baseball. If they adopt the game, they can create some top cricketers of the world. American cricketers are trying to educate their family and friends about cricket, implement the sport in schools and encourage the building of stadiums. Maybe within 5 to 10 years, we will see in the headlines that America has bagged the World Cup Trophy.
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