Best Travel Apps to use in Morocco

Morocco nowadays is packed with a lot of Christmas and New year Celebrating travelers. What I’m concerned about is the problem of every destination, local traveling. Did you find it difficult or irritating too? Maximum travelers are facing the problem regarding the local taxi and public transport system because they don’t know about the proper transport system on the destination.

I have traveled to Morocco this year through Virikson Holidays and find it important to share with you what I discovered during my exploring experience in Morocco.

Top Traveling Apps which Can helpful for you in Morocco:

Here are the top useful travel applications to help you to explore Morocco without any misadventure. Here we go.

Google Maps is always a great Helper:

Well, anywhere in the world, Google map is commonly been used to get local travel guidance. If you are lost in the city at any point in Morocco, Google Maps will be there to guide you the right way. Remember, in some places where the internet is not working properly, google map will also stop helping you but sometimes, google map also works without any internet connection.
So install it in your Smartphone so you cannot be misled anyway.

Careem, Morocco’s famous way of traveling:

Moroccans now are standing on a different stage. It was a very long way from the camelback ride to the careem services. Evolution was there in the progress of Morocco I believe. People now use the

Careem service to move around in the country.

I personally  use the app and regard it as the simplest and convenient app for traveling. It is highly recommended for travelers also, download this application and make your travel hassle-free in any of the metropolitan cities in Morocco. My experience of using Careem service is in Marrakech and Rabat so if you are finding the same service to the other centers too, confirm from your travel organizer about all the details about this.

Download the application, it is only 19 MB and will take less space in your smart-phone. It has a connection with the google location and some other applications in your smartphone so if it is asking for access, give access to use the application. It would have Go cars with the air condition, Mini cars with the nominal fares, bikes and the Go+ services too. The option is yours, the estimated fare will be shared before you book for the place.

Uber-Another easy way go

Uber is another way to travel locally in Morocco. It is an international brand and works in the United States, the United Kingdom and in many countries at the same time. In Morocco it is famous and people regard it as the second reliable and convenient way of traveling. Travelers are facilitated in the major cities of the country with red cars. I don’t know the reason, maybe to stand out among the other big brands.

Your choice would be riding on Uber if you are with your family and friends. It is also very safe. So either you download the lite version of Uber in your Smart-phone worth a few Mbs or the original application, the choice is yours. If you are intended to visit Morocco sooner or later, it is a great choice to get the best out of it. Cheers.

Include all the Local Food Apps:

Food apps are the Best Friend of travelers as gulping the first and last love of humans. In Morocco, there are a number of food apps working at the same time from which you have to opt out of your choice. My suggestions are here.

Jumia Food is one of the leading and very famous food Applications working in a number of Arab African belt including Morocco. If you need something of any type, it is recommended to download the app and book your order in minutes and receive that order in the shortest convenient time.

Reddit is also active in Morocco and a great Helper of the travelers to find better food to gulp. I will recommend my traveler friends to check the app in google play and download if you see it relates to you.

Grubhub is also the one you should also try. Actually, there are a number of other many food and other apps but I’m here to figure out the most trustable and convenient apps you may use. Grubhub is the one you should download on your Smart-phone.

Airbnb or Couchsurfing?

It is a great help in the twenty-first century that now there are applications finding out the best and suitable accommodations for us being travelers. Couchsurfing and Airbnb like apps are finding out places to live for travelers.

Download the Airbnb application and share your traveling details alongwith the place you will like to live at. You have to pay for the accommodation and the other dues on you.

In Couchsurfing, you can have free accommodation and other facilities based on your host if you find the one in the town you are traveling to. It is totally free with some more facilities too. The choice is yours.
Have a nice trip!

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