Difference Between Washing Machine Insurance & Extended Warranty

Appliances like a washing machine are vital necessities for individuals. Encountering mechanical or other issues to such appliances can necessitate substantial funds for repairs especially if the machine is beyond its warranty period. Consequently, such individuals seek insurance for washing machines to avail the much-needed financial assistance to repair damages caused by mechanical or electrical breakdowns, or by any other unforeseen threats such as theft, fire incident, burglary, etc.

Some individuals may doubt the feasibility of availing a washing machine insurance policy as they may confuse it with an extended warranty. Consequently, look at the concept of an extended warranty.

What is an extended warranty?
When a customer opts for an extended warranty, they are entitled to the benefits of repair and replacement of an appliance in case it meets breakdown. However, the extended warranty provider will approve repair or replacement requests of an individual depending upon the list of perils included in their terms.

Washing machine extended warranty is one such service-backed warranty that helps customers avail the options of repair or replacement in case the appliance experiences a breakdown or failure.

What is the difference between washing machine insurance plan and extended warranty?
The major difference between the two is that the extended warranty is service-backed while the other offers policyholders a financial compensation as per terms of coverage. Washing machine insurance policyholders can acquire financial compensation against the breakdown or failure caused by the washing machine.

Subsequently, Washing Machine Insurance plans provide financial coverage for the following damages –
  • Coverage against accidental damage – In case of damage caused accidentally to the washing machine, policyholders can raise a request to avail the monetary compensation needed for repair/replacement of the appliance according to policy.
Besides, individuals can also avail Electronic stationary Insurance policy and avail financial protection for electronic stationery that meet any accidental damage.
  • Coverage against theft and burglary – Now policyholders can acquire financial protection against any loss or damage caused to the washing machine because of theft or burglary. Furthermore, individuals who have purchased a home protection insurance plan can also benefit from financial protection against their belongings within their home in case of theft, burglary, etc.
  • Coverage against fire incident – Individuals who buy washing machine insurance policies can claim the services as covered under the plan if their washing machine suffers damage due to fire.
Subsequently, these are a few cases for which coverage is provided when an individual avails insurance for a washing machine. Since accidents are unpredictable, such insurance plans come handy in this situation because it can help one cope up with the unforeseen financial loss at nominal yearly premiums.

While insurance coverage plans can offer individuals several options of coverage, extended warranty do not offer financial compensation but repair or replacement of the product in case of –
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • Accidental damage caused.
While both provide coverage for damage caused to washing machines, the major difference lies in the terms of coverage offered with financial protection by an insurance provider. 

Therefore, if the extended insurance provider goes out of business, then the insurance may not be claimed at all. However, this is not the case if individuals choose reputed insurance aggregators or financial providers to avail insurance for washing machines.

Availing an insurance plan that offers coverage against such extensive perils not only provides individuals with financial compensation but also with assured compensation against caused damages. The financial security offered by such an insurance plan makes it more reliable and feasible, offering more extensively coverage than what’s offered by an extended warranty.
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