Five Most Admired Rose Species You Must Know

What blossoms do you like most? I don’t know what your answer is, but I’m sure rose is one of the most favorite flowers for everyone.

Rose is so beautiful and widely available in a variety of colors and species, thus it takes the front foot among all the blooms available worldwide.

Did you know Genus Rosa, comes from the Rosaceae family, has above 150 species? Keep reading to explore the 5 most popular types of roses in the world and their significance.
  1. Darcey
Darcey is similar to the old garden roses in terms of its shape and fragrance. It is a wondrous blossom as it changes its hues with aging. The magenta-colored buds turn raspberry dark red as it grows and embarks a purple tinge on maturing.

We all know the red rose is the absolute color of love and passion. The young aged Darcey is the infinite choice for offering love. Send Valentine’s flower online to darken your love life as the blooms are.

Magenta colored roses also signify love. You can send a vase with the magenta buds to represent the romance. Your beloved can keep it for more than a week and exult in the transformations.
  1. Damask Roses
Damask rose is commonly known as the Rose of Castile. It is the cross between Rosa Gallica and Rosa moschata. Damask is widely lauded for its awesome fragrance. This flower has a spectacular and sublime deep pink tint.

Gloomy pink rose stands for appreciation and gratitude. So if you are obliged to someone and want to say a few words of thanks, then it is worth all the efforts to pick a huddle of dark pink roses and rush to the person, you want to thank. This is the most suitable offering for teachers or mentors.
  1. Rose Old Blush
Old Blush is one of the most popular roses available in the market. This flower was originally cultivated in China. In the 18th century, it was named Parson’s Pink China, derived from Mr. Parson who commercialized it in the UK.  These silvery pink-colored blooms get darker as they mature. The
size of Old Blush is about 7 centimeters of diameter.

A pink rose symbolizes admiration, gracefulness, and gentleness. Thus it can be given to anyone irrespective of the relation and age. Whoever you find, possesses these qualities, you can bestow a cluster of Rose Old Blush.
  1. Pat Austin
Rosa ‘Pat Austin’ is popular for its enchanting copper-yellow tinge and a pleasant whiff. The tea aroma of the flower resembles the old garden roses that were originally found in China.
These large-sized blooms look magnificent when purchased in a nice assortment. The color indicates excitement, desire, and passion.  It is a viaduct between red and yellow. Thus, if you have a crush on one of your friends then present a Pat Austin bouquet to convey your veiled emotions.
  1. Peace
Peace is one of the most famous hybrid tea roses. These big flowers possess a delightful scent. The gratifying floweret seizes a sweet peach color with a light yellow tint in the center. The flower was found and soon became enormously popular in the 20th century in France.

This delicate colored rose represents sincerity and solemnity. This is the perfect gift for a business meeting. If you are arranging a party for your colleagues, then decorate your living room with peace.
Alternatively, you can also show your seriousness to all your relationships by presenting peace to your beloved spouse and even near ones. If you are staying at distance from your loved ones then search for an online florist for flower delivery in mumbai to make them realize how much you are missing them.

Still confused about choosing the roses for gifting purposes?
Don’t lose heart if you did not find the desired rose species this time. The large variety of Genus Rosa is appropriate for all occasions. There are even more species of this bud with a number of impressive shades and largely available at the online stores.

Whenever you are going to pick a bunch of roses, think for a while about the relation and the purpose for which you want it. This helps to choose the right hues accordingly to match the event and purpose making it a meaningful gift.
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