How to download Instagram photos to a computer, tablet or smartphone

A small desktop program 4K Stogram downloads for you all the images from the selected accounts at once. The free version allows you to select only one profile and upload up to 100 of its latest pictures. Having spent 9.95 euros on a license, you can download photos from several accounts at the same time and without restrictions.

To upload profile pictures, paste the web address into the box on the 4K Stogram main screen. Then press Enter and wait for the pictures to download. When the photos are displayed in the program, they can be scrolled in 4K Stogram or opened in the target folder.

Using the downloader
You can download photos through site like IgVideoDownloader. First, open Instagram and copy the link to the post with the desired image. Then paste it into the field on one of these two resources and click on the Download button. When downloading to an iPhone or iPad, use the Safari browser.

If there are several pictures in the post, IgVideoDownloader will allow you to download only the first of them. But Instagram will display all the photos from the post, and you can save the ones you need.

Using Telegram
If you use Telegram, you can upload photos from Instagram directly through the messenger. Just copy the link to the post with the desired picture and send it to Telegram. After that, the messenger will extract the picture and it can be saved in the device’s memory.

If there are several pictures in the post, the Telegram desktop application will allow you to save any of them. And in the mobile version of the messenger you can download only the first photo. But this shortcoming is easily fixed with the help of the @Instatube_bot bot. He knows how to extract all the pictures. It is enough to add the bot to the messenger and send him a link to the post.

How to download Instagram photos to an Android device
At your service applications for reposts. In addition to their main function, some of them can upload photos from Instagram. Especially convenient in this regard is the Regrann program. It allows you to download both single shots and galleries in a few taps. Moreover, it does not even need to be connected to your account.

To download photos using Regrann, open a post on Instagram that contains the desired image. Click Share, select Regrann and use the Save button. After that, the picture will be in the device’s gallery. To speed up the process, you can enable the quick save mode in the program settings. After that, the application will automatically save the picture immediately after you share it in Regrann.

If there are several photos in the post that you send to the program, it will allow you to download the necessary ones. And in the quick save mode, the application will download all the pictures of the post automatically.

Regrann is available for free, but displays ads. For 109 rubles, you can buy a version that does not contain ads and saves images even faster.

How to download photos from Instagram to iPhone or iPad
Perhaps the simplest tools for uploading photos to Apple devices are listed at the beginning of this article: downloader sites and Telegram. But just in case, we give one more way. It is not so convenient, but it does not depend on third-party applications and services.

Copy the link to the post that contains the desired photo. Then open it in the Safari browser. Hold the touch on the opened image and click “Copy”. If there were several frames in a post, you can choose only one of them.

After that, open the Notes application. Create a new entry, hold your finger on the place to enter text, and select "Paste." Click on the inserted image, use the "Share" button and tap "Save Image". After that, it will appear in the "Photo" program.
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