How to save hair in winter? Instructions by experts

Winter is the most difficult season of the year to preserve the beauty and health of the skin of the face and body, nails and hair. The latter are particularly affected due to sudden changes in temperature, the frequent refusal to wear caps, dry indoor air and other factors.

Experts tellshow to preserve the beauty of hair in such a difficult time. For accessibility, we decided to move along the natural path of most girls and women - from procedures in the bathroom to going outside.

  • Hair wash
  • Care products: balms, conditioners, masks, oils
  • The final step before going out
  • Hair in the winter air
  • A bit about combs
Hair wash
The scalp in winter suffers especially severely: if you walk without a hat, the cover is overdried, and if you constantly wear the same thing without regular washing, it gets dirty faster. This creates a “greenhouse effect,” in which pores get clogged faster and the amount of dirt accumulated on the skin increases. This is especially aggravated when living in a big city with a high level of pollution. If there are no other problems and diseases of the scalp, a shampoo with a high rinse ability, which will not irritate and cause itching and a feeling of tightness, will be a loyal assistant. Checking whether your head is washed is easy: the skin should creak slightly. Choose a shampoo with or without SLS - a matter of habit and the result of trial and error, but in many articles it is noted that the first remedies cope better with cleansing the scalp.

In order for the hair to lie well and not be over dried, the shampoo should be whipped in the hands until foam forms and it is easy to massage it into the scalp, and not knead it in the hands along the entire length. Your hair will have enough of the amount of funds that will be obtained by simply washing off the shampoo under running water. It is better to choose a cold temperature for the shower, so that the production of greasy secretion does not begin immediately during washing. Scrubs for the scalp will be a good helper in the bathroom: you can use these products once a week, leaving them for several minutes for additional exfoliation and blood flow, which will accelerate hair growth.

Care products: balms, conditioners, masks, oils
Balms, conditioners, masks, indelible leaving and other means often seem to buyers simply as a marketing move: we do not always understand how this treatment should be applied. In winter, hair is especially in need of additional nutrition and protection, which support health and allow you to go to the hairdresser less often. Balms and conditioners are designed to smooth the texture of the hair when washing and fill it with nutrients. In winter, we recommend using more “heavy” balms, especially if the hair has already been damaged by paint. Conditioners, as a rule, do not weigh down the hair and maintain volume, which can be useful for owners of a straight and thick head of hair.

Masks exist in many forms and for different purposes: preserving hair color, reducing the number of secant ends, nutrition and recovery. Such products are usually advised to keep on the hair for at least 10-15 minutes, after squeezing the water, as it prevents the penetration of beneficial elements. On weekends, you can arrange your own homemade procedures with cooked or bought oil masks: coconut and argan oil and other useful natural compounds. It is best to preheat the mask in a water bath and wrap the hair with a towel after applying the product.

The final step before going out
The ideal option is the rejection of a hair dryer, curling iron and other styling products. Hair needs to be given time to dry themselves. However, most modern women start working in the morning and prefer to wash their hair immediately after waking up, and when every minute counts, it is difficult to do without a hair dryer. Someone cannot imagine life without him: after all, without additional devices, hair cannot be laid in a beautiful and comfortable hairstyle.

In winter, we recommend using a hairdryer in cool air mode and regulating the flow at a distance of 15 centimetres from the head - so damage from exposure will be minimal. Other devices are best set to a minimum temperature and used in the case of holidays or romantic evenings. Almost all cosmetic stores provide customers with a large selection of thermal protective products that need to be applied to hair minimally towel-dried before the main styling procedure.

A hair towel is best to have a separate: so the fabric will not collect additional microbes. You need to dry your hair with squeezing movements, without rubbing the strands between your hands, artificially cutting them.

Hair in the winter air
The cold season is associated with long walks in snowy parks and ice rinks. Low air temperature can have both favorable and negative effects on the state of the human body. In winter, the risk of frostbite or hypothermia increases.

Do not forget about hair, either: after all the procedures done, we must monitor their condition on the street. Be sure to wear hats and scarves under which to hide the strands. This can ruin the hair, but it will save the condition of the hair. You can also take small indelible serums, emulsions or waxes for the ends of your hair with you, which nourish the hair structure and “seal” moisture in it.

A bit about combs
Correct should be not only cleansing and care products, but also combs. Regardless of shape, they should not cause static stress that spoils the hair. The wooden handle with bristles, which also serves as a massage device, is ideal for this. For a greater effect, you can purchase a separate “massage” and spend about 10 minutes a day with it, working on the scalp and improving its condition (the same actions can be perfectly done just with your fingers). It is better not to forget about the regular washing of combs, which after cleaning begin to work more efficiently on the hair.
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