How to win carrom game every time?

Carrom( is the highly famous indoor games that have gained huge popularity in south east and middle east countries. In south Asia, lots of clubs and cafes hold regular tournaments online and are also played by the people of different age groups. After playing the game consistently for some hours, you will not get bored with the fun game. An only thing that will be uncomfortable is for the fingers; they may get hurt after you play it for a very long time while.

Carrom was originally played in India in 18th century. Besides having the good sense of various angles, it needs high concentration and precision. The game of carrom has to be played on the polished square wooden board with the small circular pieces called carrom men and striker made from hard plastic.

There are around 18 carrom men or disks in total of that nine are black, and other nine are white. There is one carrom men that is in red and is called queen. The main goal of the game is flicking of the fingers by using striker and putting all your carrom men in the corner pockets. Carrom game is all about striking the carrom men in their respective pockets. 

Queenis the important disk of the game that comprises of the maximum points in case you score this before opponent.

Play Right To Win the Game
Unlike other indoor game, the game of carrom is played in the singles and doubles. Mainly all indoor games can be played in singles, example, and chess. Minimum two and maximum of four people will play the game.

To make the opponents believe that you‘re the pro, you might have to keep some pointers in your mind-

Having right mental attitude
It’s the game of fun, also there are some rules that have to be kept minimum. In early days, there were not any written rules and was handed down by the word of mouth. Every game must be played to have fun. Since with all other board games, element of the competition creeps in, so you have to show you are much better than your opponent in playing this game. But, if you’re a loser all time, you will lose interest in this game. Suppose you’re playing with the beginner who isn’t good, bend your rules a bit for the opponent’s benefit but not for your benefit. Ensure that they know what rule is so in the normal game it can apply.

Flicking your striker
There are many ways to flickthe striker with your fingers. Try them and choose the method, which suits you best. You will find later on changing your style may improve the accuracy. Doesn’t matter which method you select, there are two important things to keep in mind:
  • Ensure the striking finger is close to the striker, and touching if possible. It has an effect of propelling striker without even hurting your finger. Suppose your finger is at the distance from striker while you flick your nail can hit the striker that can cause pain in the finger.
  • Steady the striking hand on board with base or edge of palm, or thumb, and non-striking fingers. It ensures that striker will be flicked & not pushed.
  • When player pockets Queen but doesn’t cover it, Queen will be returned on the centre circle by opponent.
  • Suppose player pockets on Queen and her own pieces at the same turn, then this counts and player has covered Queen. Such player should have already pocketed one piece to cover Queen normally.
Some Other Rules
  • Suppose pieces come on rest standing on the edge and overlapping other piece, they’re left as they are moved again in a normal play.
  • If striker rests under other piece, striker must be removed with very little disturbance to covering piece if possible.
  • Pieces returned on the centre will be placed on the top of all other pieces in the main circle.
Wrap Up -
Regularly playing Carrom game has proven of keeping your mind more focused andactive. It helps the people to react in the better way to the situations that need instant judgment or swiftness. Awareness required in these games benefits the people to get more target-oriented.
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