The passion that spawned an entire market space: Bina Ramani and Malabar Secrets

Bina Ramani is a woman who knows no fear, and she has proved it time and again. After braving past a difficult time that included threats to her life and a lot of negative publicity, the septuagenarian entrepreneur is back with her latest spice-flora infusions venture.

An internationally acclaimed designer, social activist, and author, Bina Ramani has decades of experience in global luxury and hospitality. While this brought her a lot of accolades, along with challenges, it also brought her the ‘Bharat Nirman Business Woman of the Year’ award in 1992.
Ramani’s latest entrepreneurial venture – Malabar Secrets – has spawned an entirely new market space. A brand that embodies the ancient Indian art of blending spices for enhancing well-being, Malabar Secrets’ products are based on the age-old knowledge of spice extract ingestion and aromatherapy, reoriented for the contemporary palate.

According to Bina Ramani, it was during her battle with cancer that she developed an interest in the magical healing properties of Indian spices and flora. “During my battle with cancer, I was always told about the importance of drinking lots of water. It was usually boring to down several bottles of water, but then I turned to flowers, fruits, spices and all sorts of aromatic flavours and this was my moment to put my idea to work,” says Ramani.

She adds, “After my recovery, it was my ardent desire to unravel the secrets the beguiling aroma of spices and flowers withheld. My time in the Malabar region presented me with an opportunity to pursue something I am passionate about, and the result was my spice-flora concoctions that bring the best of Ayurveda in a bottle.”

While Ramani’s spice-flora infusions are nothing short of a divine innovation, this is not the first time the septuagenarian entrepreneur has showcased her ingenious streak. Often referred to as the ‘Godmother of Fashion in India’, Bina Ramani is accredited with popularizing Indian fashion overseas and inventing fusion wear in India.

With her fashion studios – Once Upon a Time – in New York and New Delhi, Ramani introduced genuine Indian craftsmanship to the world. Her work was much admired by eminent personalities in India and across the globe– Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Hillary Clinton, Lillian Carter, and many more.

Now, with her spice-flora infusions venture – Malabar Secrets – Bina Ramani aims to bring ‘India in a bottle’. “It was after carefully studying various spices, their medicinal properties and unique aromas that we lovingly developed our product that combines immaculate health with impeccable taste. Malabar Secrets is nothing short of a gastronomical extravaganza,” says Ramani.
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