What are the most popular spamming techniques used by business owners?

Today, buyers are becoming savvy and looking for products and services that will save them a great deal of money. Similarly, advertisers have come up with tricky ways to make us fall into their schemes without negotiating. We’re all conscious that we are being manipulated, but no one can measure the extent a business owner might go to fool us. Here are some of the tricky ways used by businesses, that you've fallen for at least once in your life.
  1. Expensive Menu Item Strategy
This strategy has been used by restaurants for years. They use this trick of placing overpriced items on the menu, to make other items look affordable. What they do is, place 2-3 extremely expensive items on the list and keep the price of rest of the items slightly lower than that. This makes people think that everything else is way more affordable except these 2-3 items. For example, the menu somewhat will make you think like, why to spend $59 on seafood boil when chicken lasagna is only for $29.
  1. A false sense of urgency
Mostly, this trick is adopted by online dealers. The product or service is either said to be for a limited time, or the product is running out of stock. When one comes across such great deals and sees the time running out, he/she feels a sense of urgency. Only one thing goes on in their mind: If not now, then never. This is the most effective strategy ever. For example, while booking hotel rooms, you get to see pop-ups saying, "Discover the luxury, get a room with a king-sized bed only at $29 for 24 hours. Hurry up or lose the offer.”
  1. Buy one, Get One Free
One of the retailer's most powerful weapon is BOGO. People will be drawn towards the word "BOGO" and they'll end up buying more than the requirement. Shop owners know it very well. They will double up the price and then attach another product with it. And BOOM! It's Buy one, Get one free. You think you got two products at the cost of one, whereas, the retailer has doubled up the price. Ultimately, you've paid for both, it's just the retailer did not let you realise that. For example, let's take an example of a shampoo. The actual price of the shampoo is $12. But the retailer doubles up the price increases its rate which makes it $24 and puts up a sticker of BOGO. This attracts more customers than usual and more products are sold out too.

Bottom Line:
Now that you are aware of the spamming techniques, we hope you don’t fall for it in future. These games can be avoided if you pay a little more attention and read the products carefully. We bet you've been fooled by the above-mentioned tricks at least once. The business owners are smart enough to trick you into purchasing items that you don’t even need. Due to our carelessness and ignorance, some companies have derived huge profits by fooling us.
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