What is the process and success rate for UK visa approval?

People in large numbers visit the UK every year for different purposes such as studying, sightseeing, or working. Probably, only European countries can enter the UK without a visa and the rest of the world needs a visa to enter into their domain. A visa enables you to step into a country, whether it's via the land, sea or air. If you have a visa, it means you're eligible and have fulfilled all the requirements. In this guide, we’ll learn about the process of the UK visa application and which countries possess the highest and lowest success rate.

Process for Application:
The complete process depends on the type of visa you are intending to apply for. If you are planning a trip to the UK this vacation or planning to stay there for a while, the process is mentioned below.

Go through the simple steps mentioned below and you’re good to go.
  1. Figure out if you need one or not
Depending on the nation you are from, you might be exempted from the requirement of a visa. You don’t need a visa if you’re a swiss citizen, an EEA citizen or a commonwealth citizen. And if you find out that you’ll need one, follow the steps mentioned below.
  1. Choose the correct type
The type of visa depends upon the purpose with which you want to enter that country. It’s types are:
  • UK Work Visa: for people who want to be engaged in paid activities
  • UK Transit Visa: for people who have to cross the country to reach another country.
  • UK Tourist Visa: for medical treatment, marriage, holidays or to visit family and friends
  • UK study Visa: for students who want to get admitted into a university.
  • Other visas: for establishing business or to join a member of the family.
  1. Fulfil the application form online
It carries question about your personal information such as”
  • Marital status
  • Name and surname
  • Nationality
  • Residing country
  • Passport number
  • Personal number
  • Reason for entering the UK
  • Other information
  1. Collect the documents required
To support your case, you are required to present some compulsory documents.
  1. Schedule for an appointment
Once you get an email confirming your details, print it. Take that print out to the visa application centre you've selected to attend along with other required documents. The documents that are required in the original must be presented in original. Make sure every document fulfils the requirement or you can face a lot of trouble. Also, the appointment should be in your name, not in anyone else's.
  1. Attend the Visa interview
When you attend the interview, you’ll have to submit the biometric information including a digital scan of the fingerprints and a photograph. Every applicant should be present there, along with children. Under-aged applicants must be joined by the adults.

The success rate for UK visa approval
During the months from April to June of 2018, the Official Statistics reported that there were 1,100,856 applications for the UK Entry Clearance Visa. About 1,041,108 decisions were made for entry clearance and visas were granted to 937,845. However, as many as, 100,684 applications were rejected.

Therefore, in 2018, the UK visa success rate was 90.08% and the UK visa refusal rate was 9.6%
Currently, the UK visa refusal rate was the highest for Pakistanis (30.10%) and Nigerian (35.68%).

Countries with highest success rate for UK visa approval are:
Andorra(100.0%), Australia(95.60%), Bahrain(99.14%), Bhutan(90.32%), Brunei(100.0%), China(98.45%), Hong Kong(93.21%), India(91.58%) and Japan(97.69%).

Countries with lowest success rate for UK visa approval are:
Antigua and Barbuda(40.00%), Belgium(0.00%), Benin(37.06%), Norway(0.00%), Romania(25%), and Sao Tome & Principe(35.00%).
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