Why Non Alcoholic Perfumes Are Getting Popular?

Perfumes are one of the widely used vanity products, loved and adored all over the world. These little bottles of wonder are filled with an aroma that takes you to a world of enchantment and glamour. Just a single spray of the scent can make you feel glamourous, giving you all the reasons to love thyself. While designing the fragrances, perfumers spend months and sometimes years in creating the finest of scents. They work with various ingredients, mixing them together to find out the perfect combination according to the aroma that they wish to create. Although it is said that the perfume essence has a major role in giving you the best perfume experience, but it is the perfume base that can affect the performance of ascent to a significant level.

Initially, oils were used in creating fragrances, mixing perfume oils in any base of oil such as almond oil, coconut oil or any oil which can work as a carrier and does not have a significant scent of its own. But the increasing popularity of the perfumes during middle ages and the increasing demand with the need of giving a budget-friendly option to perfumes, perfumers started looking for another base. This base should be able to grab the perfume molecules perfectly and evaporate at a high rate making the fragrance long-lasting as well as keeping the cost of perfume making at a low cost and the perfect choice is alcohol.

Why Alcohol-Based Perfumes Not Suitable For Users?
It helped in keeping the cost of mass perfume making at a low price, but there were several negative effects as well, making the perfume users move towards more natural perfumes. Alcohol evaporates at a very fast rate with minimal heat which is not suitable for people who want to enjoy the fragrance for a long period of time. They must reapply the scent, again and again, increasing their budget. Moreover, people with sensitive skin often experience allergies, rashes and redness on the skin caused due to alcohol. Apart from this, people with dry skin and akin allergies can never enjoy lasting fragrance on their skin as alcoholic perfumes tend to evaporate at a very fast rate on their skin.

What Makes Non-Alcoholic Perfumes Better?
As compared to alcoholic scents, non alcoholic perfumes are more natural and contain natural ingredients. They have a base of water or oil, depending on the ingredients used and the lasting they are supposed to deliver. There are several aspects that make it the ideal choice for someone who loves all things natural.

Safe For The Skin: Non-alcoholic perfumes are much safer for the skin due to the high-quality ingredients that are used in them. They are made from natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin unless you are allergic to a certain ingredient. If you have skin allergies or skin conditions that have been preventing you from using perfume, you can do it with the natural ingredient scents. Organic scents are free from unwanted chemicals that might harm your delicate skin. Even for masses with sensitive skin, this is an ideal choice.

Lasts For Very Long: If you want a perfume that can last for a very long time, go for the non-alcoholic versions, especially the ones with a base of oil. The ones with oil base tend to stay on your skin for a very long time due to their slow evaporation rate. Oils are easily absorbed on your skin, evaporate slowly at a consistent rate. Due to the slow evaporation rate, the fragrance tends to stay on you for a very long time. A good oil-based perfume can stay for more than 24 hours or until you wash yourself. If you want something really lasting, this is the best option for you.

Provides Nourishment: Made from natural ingredients, these organic perfumes are just perfect for your skin. They provide your skin with essential nourishment and moisture, keeping it looking fresh and young. If you have a skin condition such as dryness, itching or such skin issues, you can choose an oil-based perfume with ingredients suitable to that condition for ailing it. Especially for dry skin, these fragrances are quite perfect. They will help in keeping your skin hydrated for a long time giving it a plump appearance.

Little Goes A Long Way: If you have a limited budget for fragrances, non-alcoholic perfumes are quite right for you. A small bottle of oil-based fragrance can last more than a month giving you long hours of freshness. These perfumes are quite potent hence you will need just a dab of scent to smell amazing. Apply this perfume behind your ear and under the neckline for impactful fragrance with very little quantity. If you are not comfortable with using your finger to apply it, go for the roll-ons that are available in the market.

You can easily buy these natural fragrances at a budget-friendly price online in India. They are available on most of the online stores with brands like Baugsons, Otoori, Colour Me, Lomani and so on. Place an order for tester vials to try them out before purchasing the full-size bottle.
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