Here's How Singles can Rock this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s is back again and it’s just a few weeks away. While couples are planning their ways of making the most of the day, many singles out there must be feeling sulking and craving for a partner. However, there are many other singles who are doing their own thing, being happy in their own world and don’t care about this romantic holiday.

No matter what kind of single you are, you need to make Valentine's day of loving yourself more. Though it sounds an absolute cliché, self-love is a dire necessity in this world today. Who says only couples in love can celebrate this day of love? Make it an excuse to do what you like to do, pamper yourself and promise yourself to be kinder and better to the inner you. From buying Valentines Day roses to going to your favourite café, own this day and make it a memorable one. Here are little things that all the singles out there can do to absolutely rock this Valentine’s Day in their own style:
  • Catch Up with the Fellow SinglesPlan out the day in advance and get in touch with all your single friends, siblings and cousins. Hit the club, go for a movie night, or simply sip wine and gossip at the balcony. Valentine’s can be a lot of fun when spent with the right kind of people. Show the world a gang of singles can enjoy a lot more than the lovey-dovey couples. You can even buy flowers and order in delicious food to celebrate your friendship and bonds.
  • Get Up and Dress UpIf you have recently had a breakup or are cribbing about your relationship status, it’s time to leave your bed and get into your party pants. Wash your face, wear that sexy dress, put on your favourite lipstick and go out. Staying at home, doing nothing would just make you feel miserable and you surely don’t want to spend your Valentine’s that way. Wear something that you feel great in and people can’t stop complimenting you. For turning it up a notch, wear red or any bold colour that you usually don’t go for. You don’t have to be with someone for dressing up in your sexiest avatar. Do it for yourself and you’d instantly feel empowered.
  • Spread LoveThe best initiative you can take up on Valentine's Day is to do random acts of kindness. In fact, the Random Acts of Kindness Week is from 11th to 17th Make the most of it by assigning a kind act to yourself. You can Google it up do get more ideas. Help an old woman cross the door, pick up fresh flowers for your neighbour, or look up for volunteering opportunities. Of course, you don’t need a day or week to be kind, which should be an everyday thing; but doing it consciously and specifically for commemorating the day of love- that would be a very unique take on the Valentine’s.
  • Treat YourselfDo not wait for someone to give you that luxurious watch or that sexy lingerie. Save up and gift that to yourself. Of course, it doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase. Just buy something that you have been eyeing for long or you just fell in love with at the first sight- jewelry, book, spa, footwear, anything. You can even buy yourself a bouquet of your favourite blooms through any online flower delivery in delhi To make things grand, you can even take a trip all by yourself.
  • Do what you Love to DoDoing our own thing can be a great way to celebrate the day of love. If you love to Netflix and chill in your comfy pajamas, go ahead and do that. Other such things may include cooking, gardening, taking a long walk, a DIY home pedicure, and so on. Do anything and everything to make the day all about you.
Being single does not take away the right to celebrate Valentine’s Day from you. You can do various other things to make the day special. Give away thank you notes or send flowers to mumbaiKolkata, Pune, or wherever your friends and family are. Make it a day of cherishing the love you have for yourself and the people in your life. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and as they say, “Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”.
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