How To Improve Communication Skills While Presenting A Presentation?

We have all heard our superiors tell us to share presentations online and then carry out an online presentation at some point of time in our careers. However, the one thing we forget is that while technology has made it easier for us to share presentations online, pulling off a great presentation requires much more than that. Share presentations to improve their visibility and brand value, but unless you deliver the presentation well, you will not be able to drive your point home. Not everybody is comfortable on a stage, and the fear of public speaking is one that is rampant all around the world. So, how do you make sure you give a great presentation every time? The best way to do so would be to improve your communication skills so that you feel confident when you are up on stage. How exactly can someone improve their public speaking and communication skills? Here’s a quick look at how to get better at public speaking.

Do you Have a Personal Style?
Most gifted public speakers have their own unique style of speaking when on a stage. Some people rely on humor to get their point across, while others quote famous people. Certain individuals have a very passionate way of delivering their lines, while certain others just stick to good writing rather than depending on emoting. People who are comfortable with their vocabulary and manner of speaking, tend to have a unique personal speaking style. 

But, what if you have no such personal style to fall back on? Not everyone can ooze charisma when up on a stage. Most of us can share presentations online, work on the marketing strategy of the team and build brand value, but few of us can get up on a stage and deliver a good presentation. However, many of us will at some point of time have to do something like this in our professional lives. But then what can you do if you have no unique speaking style? Worry not, because practice and enthusiasm can help you overcome this issue. Let’s take a look at how that’s possible.

Improving your Presentation Skills
  • Practice and rehearse your speech a couple of times before you get up on stage. Do your presentation in front of a mirror to get a feel of how you look to others. Share presentations online well in time so that you have enough time to practice your lines over and over again.
  • Try to channel all your nervous energy into some sort of enthusiasm or passion, instead of succumbing to it and getting tongue-tied.
  • A great way to pick up ways of spicing up your presentation is to attend talks by people who know what they are doing when it comes to presentations. Sit in for some online presentations by expert talkers and draw inspiration from their talks to mold your own.
  • Make sure you are never late to your presentation. Instead, get there a little early to get used to the space and the audience. Test out the microphone and the stage so that you understand how the lighting works, so that you don’t get flustered when you begin your actual speech.
  • Try to interact with your audience prior to the presentation because this will help you calm your nerves and relax. Furthermore, it will help make you seem approachable and relatable to them.
  • Always take deep breaths and try to visualize positive thoughts before you take the stage to calm yourself down. Loosen your muscles and take long breaths which help in getting enough and more oxygen up to your head.
  • Smile as frequently as you can while presenting. Not only does this make you seem more likable and agreeable to the crowd, it also helps them feel like you aren’t too nervous about the presentation. However, make sure you don’t overdo the smiling and come across as some sort of a clown.
  • A common issue that most people have while presenting is pausing at the wrong places. Rehearse your speech a few times to understand where you tend to pause. Maybe record your speech and hear it back to understand whether there are any awkward pauses. If so, try to remedy the flow of your speech to avoid such nervous pauses. Slow down and pause occasionally, but do so naturally, instead of rambling for a minute and then stopping for 30 secs because you can’t remember the rest of the words.
Bettering your Communication Skills
  1. Do not try to run through an extremely long presentation, covering dozens of points. Instead, when you are starting out, focus on small presentations that leave a mark.
  2. Share presentations online before starting your presentation, so that people can look at the slides and keep up with you.
  3. Put your presentations through a rigorous editing process and trim off anything that seems excessive to you. Since you are sharing a copy online, people can always refer to their soft copy to get more information.
  4. Make it a point to engage the audience by asking questions, waiting for feedback and having a question and answer session at the end.
  5. By engaging with your audience, you make I a lot easier for them to identify and relate with you, ensuring that your message gets across effectively.
  6. Add jokes and light-heated comments if you feel the audience will appreciate it. However, skip these if you are too nervous as it is better to not say any jokes than saying bad ones.
Practice confident body language stances before taking the stage, and remember that droopy shoulders and a bad gait are huge NO-Nos when it comes to presentations.
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