Morocco A Delightful Halal Holiday Destination

When we listen “Halal” it is indeed the Muslim community that comes before us. The Muslims either practicing or moderate have to abide by the certain codes of life which are dictated to them in their religion. So wherever a Muslim goes s/he cannot go for anything which is Haram or prohibited to him/her.

            Muslims as followers of Islamic culture
Being a Muslim, we follow Islamic culture that is 360’ degree opposite to that of European one. We follow Islam which directs us to remain selective and attentive in every walk of life. In this regard a Muslim lives an entirely different life. Whether it is the matter of interacting one another, walking, talking, clothing or eating, we have to specifically move on our certain Islamic rules. So we cannot adopt the essentialities of the West.

            Traveling as Everyone’s Basic Desire
Regardless of any religion, nobody likes to be caged up within the four walls of the house all time. Some non-Muslim sects believe that Islam is kind of conservative thing. But contrary to the sheer misconception, Islam is a vast, and practical religion of great discipline. Even the glorious doctrine of the Holy Quran has directed us to ponder on Allah’s manifestations in nature. It orders us to explore the Universe not world. You must notice that word ‘Universe’ is used instead of the world. The worldly exposures add meaning to our lives. The traveling enhances our understanding and knowledge of the wonders around us. Sodon’t be ashamed of being a traveler or roamer if you are a Muslim.However, there are certain meaningful restrictions toagree upon mandatorily. And being a Muslim you would surely love to follow your restrictions readily

Prohibited Activities for Muslims
 The ways prohibited in Islam are inappropriate or even malicious for all living beings, irrespective of their religion, caste, color or creed. Here are some strictly forbidden activities for Muslims
Going to the night clubs
Having alcohol, wine, narcotics and similar other drugs
Having unethical mode of dressing both for male and females
Food products and Culinary items except the directed ones in religion.
Uncontrolled intermixing of men and women

Muslim-World is full of Eye-Catching Visiting Spots
We as Muslims have to choose only Shariahand demonstrate it through Iman. Moreover, it is mandatory on the travel agencies and organizations to keep the Muslim customers ‘values intact. Therefore, we provide you with the golden opportunity to navigate the Muslim-friendly countries of your own desire.

However, it is a fact that Muslim world is replete with countless worth-seeing places like Turkey, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tanzania Jordan, Maldives and many more. So obviously it becomes really difficult for us to pinpoint the best Halal holiday destination place for us.

Morocco one of the best Muslim Friendly Places of the Muslim
The kingdom of Morocco is a great visiting abode. It is the carrier of pure Muslim culture, architecture and history. It is filled with everything that a Muslim wants. It is a country of resorts and self-catering apartments. Morocco boxes a variety of spectacular spots within it. i.e. from the super-hot Sahara to the relaxant beaches of Agadir. When you visit them you really feel that each and every building, winding medina street, marketplace riad or soak has its own appeal. With the diversity of these places, you will surely feel the diversity within your own experience too.

Why Morocco is a great holiday destination
Besides the plethora of visiting spots, Morocco appeals the Muslim world with some other Muslim-friendly reasons

Morocco is a Family Destination Place
Morocco is an entire family destination place. Even if you are a strict practicing Muslim you and your family can freely celebrate your vacations with all leisurely activities.  Many 
European practicing Muslims especially women feel awkward to book their holidays in their home countries. It is because they don’t consider appropriate to take their women on the beach side. But the good thing is that you can freely enjoy the sun-kissed cool beaches of Morocco with your kids and women.

Care-free interaction with the Locals
During the rendition of the Holy Quran, we come across many verses. Likewise, one of the verses directs to say “qawlansadeeda” or Speak Truth. This means to speak thoughtfully and clearly without any ambiguity. Many Muslim travelers face difficulty in interaction with their non-Muslim fellows due to their cultural and religious disparity especially within the European domain. However Moroccan locals are really hospitable and culture conscious. 

These natives would provide you with everything you demand from them as a tourist. From the Halal living to super-halal culinary facilities there is everything welcoming for you.

Moroccan Arabic a Muslim-Friendly Language
The language issue may bother you if you are an English speaker. But it will fairly be resolved through our travel guide. Morocco is an Arabic speaking country. Being a Muslim you know that Arabic is Quran language. Moreover, most of the sentences spoken in Arabic are a part of our everyday life like ‘Salam’ ‘WaAlaikum’. So it will be easy for you to interact with them.

Separate Hamams/ Spas for Men and Women.
The Marrakech natives care about the separate needs of Muslim women. So you don’t have to worry about your women’ safety and their other matters. After a long day rambling into the mazes of Morocco markets, the halal accommodation services provide your family with the separate and highly safe means of relaxation. Like there are separate Hammam and Spa services to cater to your women needs, where they can freely soothe themselves without any problems of veil or purdah.

Muslim-Dress Code
If we compare Morocco with Turkey, Turkey has modernized itself according to the latest fashion trends which are semi-Islamic or even not Islamic at all. But Moroccan culture on the contrary, follows pure Islamic dress code. Therefore, it is highly recommended to all travelers across the globe to dress conservatively in Morocco.

Best Places to Visit Morocco
Here are some incredible destinations you should include in your bucket list of excursion Marrakesh, Rabat, Casablanca, Fez, Tangier, Agadir, Meknes Essaouira and Salé. And many more others.

So We believe that after a memorable journey you will surely regard Morocco as a Delightful Holiday Destination
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