4 Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Business Clean

Cleanliness is important. If your place of business is customer-facing, your workplace is going to be making your first impression for you, every time someone comes in. Whether it’s a store or an office, your organization and your cleanliness will have your customers making up their mind about you before you even have a chance to say hello!

And even if your office doesn’t host customers in person, having a clean office (or not) affects employee productivity, according to numerous surveys and studies over the years. It just makes sense for a professional environment to be…well, professional.
Of course, there’s more to think about than just productivity and first impressions. A clean office can be a big safety concern. And clean, well-cared for equipment lasts longer, saving you money in the long run. Here are some ways to keep your workplace sparkling and tidy.

H2: 1. Consider a paperless office
One of the biggest sources of clutter is paper records. Some industries admittedly may be required to keep hard copies for compliance reasons. But for many others, ditching paper can free up more space than you could imagine.

Ditching paper doesn’t just reduce your carbon footprint and save money. It also makes your records searchable much more quickly. (No matter how good your filing system is, it doesn’t have a search bar!) It’s also more secure! Your digital data can be backed up to the cloud or to offsite storage if there’s a flood or a fire. But if something happens to your office, your paper documents are at risk.

And again – while they’re at risk, they’re lounging around your office, taking up space. Big file folders crammed into your front desk, or maybe a whole closet or storage room dedicated to keeping all that junk on hand. Your information is the lifeblood of your business. It deserves better—and so do you.

H2: 2. Encourage employees to move away from their work areas for meals
Whether you work in an office, a shop, or a restaurant, there’s a lot of pressure to stay on task. Sometimes that pressure can be unhealthy, leading to stress and poor work/life balance. One sign that people are feeling too much pressure is that they feel they can’t step away from their work area, even to grab a quick bite to eat.

Regardless of where you work, eating at your workplace can look unprofessional. Even if you’re doing it because you’re trying to work longer or harder! On top of that, crumbs and food debris not only dirty up the workplace, but they can encourage pests like ants and rodents to come snack on your leftovers.

H2: Take turns cleaning (or hire a cleaning service)
If you don’t divide tasks up in the office, then usually whoever cares the most will wind up doing all the cleaning. It’s not fair that whoever has the least patience for grunge and grime gets stuck doing all of the housekeeping. And odds are, the employee who cares enough to keep the office clean is also the employee who’s most capable at what they’re *supposed* to be doing, so you don’t want them spending all their time cleaning the office’s coffee cups.
One alternative is to hire a commercial cleaning service. Janitorial services can help with that a lot. Not only are you saving your employees’ time, but let’s be honest—there’s a difference between having some run a vacuum over the floor whenever they get a spare moment, and having a trained professional come and clean your space on a regular schedule. You’ll notice the difference, and your customers will, too.

H2: Get floor mats
This tip may be surprising, but it’s also surprisingly effective. (And it’s certainly faster to implement than going paperless.)Floor mats can make a huge difference on how your floors look, day in and day out. They can prevent as much as 80% of outdoor soils—dirt and liquids alike—from entering your business in the first place. And that’s before you get into the benefits of other types of mats, like anti-slip mats that improve worker safety, and anti-fatigue mats that help workers who have to stay on their feet all day.

H2: Cleaning Up
Whatever you do, however you choose to keep your workplace tidy, you have options. Be smart about delegating, and strategic about what you clean and how often you clean it. If you’re delegating cleaning responsibilities, make sure that you do so fairly, and that everyone feels like they have a stake in a work environment that they can be proud of. You’ll be amazed at the difference a clean business can make!
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