8 Easy and Simple Steps to Wire a Fuse Box

A fuse box is a crucial component of electric system in every home. It protects a property from power surges and overloads – both of which are potentially hazardous and may lead to electrical fire or electrocution. Whenever there is an incident of power surge or overload in your electrical system, the fuse blows out on its own, cutting or severingthe power flow.
In this particular blog post, let us explore how to install a fuse box on your own without hiring a professional electrician.

Calculate the amperage load
You have to determine the amperage load that is needed for your home. Only then you can take a step forward to purchase a new fuse box from the market. It is better to ask a qualified electrician to help you out in calculating this figure correctly. To be on the safer side, add some extra to that calculated figure to make provisions for the future.

Get the right fuse box from the market
Varieties of fuse boxes are readily available in the market with varying amperage capacity for different degrees of current consumption. Choose the one that you need instead of focusing on the cost.

Cut off power from the main metre
In order to make the necessary instalment, you have to cut off power supply from the main metre. This is must to ensure your safety. After the necessary power supply is cut off, go through all the rooms connected to that fuse box to ensure power is indeed cut off.

Fuse removal
Take your time and carefully remove all the fuses in that power box. As a result of your effort, the box becomes much lighter.

Wire disconnection
After the fuses are removed, you will find several wires inside the box that are connected to each of the terminals. You need a screwdriver to loosen the retaining screw of each of those wires. As you remove a wire after another keep marking them so that you know where to install them inside the new box. It is expected that you are careful and meticulous at this stage to avoid unnecessary complexities later. Wrap a little tape around each wire. Use a marker to mention the section of the home on the box for easy reading in course of future.

Fuse box removal
Remove the fuse box from its location on the wall using a screwdriver.Clean the surface carefully to remove all debris and moisture.

Place, install and wire your new fuse box
Place the new fuse box correctly at the right location and then fix it to the wall. Connect the wires that you removed from the old box to their appropriate terminals one after another. Take your time, do not hurry; read each label carefully and wrap the exposed wire on the existing screw. Now is the time to tighten the screws but be careful so as not to fray the wires or break any of their ends.

New fuses installation
In order to wrap up your task, at this stage you have to install the new fuses and bridge the connection to the main power. This is how you perform a DIY fuse board installation.Make sure that each and every fuse in the set is working correctly.
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