8 Relaxing Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai has a lot of exciting activities on offer that make for a truly memorable holiday. We give a guide on 8 relaxing things to do in Dubai. If you are of the opinion that Dubai is meant only for those seeking an adrenaline rush, trust me, you are wrong. If it’s a break from the hassles of city life that you are looking for, Dubai can be more than just a place to drop by. It can be an ideal destination. Without any further ado, we give you the details of how you can relax in Dubai.
  1. The Morning Desert Safari
The Morning Desert Safari’s not just relaxing, it’s refreshing. It’s a study in contrast as you are ushered away from the humdrum of the city and head for the calm desert through desolate roads. Let the calm and tranquility of the vast desert plain soothe your soul. You can stay the night in a camp and take in the beauty of the sun setting into the far horizon. With the day coming to an end, retire to a peaceful night under the dark nightly sky.
  1. Dinner at the Burj Al Arab
Romance and calmness go hand in hand, don’t they? Relax with the special one in your life enjoying the sumptuous cuisine served for dinner at Burj Al Arab. Sweep her off her feet with an unbelievably romantic dinner by the moonlight in the privacy of the 18th floor. You’ll have her mesmerized by the charming ambience of this wonderful place. There just couldn’t be a better place to help her finger into that ring you’ve kept aside all these years.  
  1. Visit the Global Village
The Global Village in Dubai is a cultural hub with artifacts and souvenirs from as many as 75 countries spread across the globe. Take a tour of this thriving village, a cultural hotspot which reflects the cultural melting pot that Dubai is. Take a ride through the village and experience the contrasting cultural heritage of places spread far and wide. You can have a relaxing evening at one of the concerts here with your family and friends and pick a memento to remember the trip by.
  1. Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner
An integral part of Arabian life and culture, dhows are traditional boats made of wood. The dhows have amazingly transformed into boats meant for relaxing luxury cruises, a must among the things to do in Dubai. Held mainly in the Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina, the dhow cruise dinner creek in Dubai is an experience that takes you back in time sailing past the old souks. The other route through Dubai Marina gives you wonderful views of the Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah. The dhow sails gently as you take in the beauty of Dubai.
  1. Camel Riding
Feel every bit a Bedouin as you take a ride on the ship of the desert, a camel. No, don’t worry, they are a friendly lot. It’s a complete change from the glamour and opulence of Dubai city as you’re driven to the desert for the ride. Sway to the gentle walk of the camel and take in the beauty of the desert from the vantage point you’re on. It’s like taking a ride on a time machine into the past as you are taken away from the world of 4x4. When you’re done, don’t forget to get yourself photographed with the camel lest it feels hurt.
  1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque Tour
What could be a more relaxing experience than a visit to a serene place of worship? The Sheikh Zayed Mosque charms you with its peacefulness and is a majestic demonstration of Islamic artistry and craftsmanship. This place of worship embraces all irrespective of his nationality, race, caste, creed or religion. As the most admired attraction of Abu Dhabi, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque embraces you into a world of calmness, peace and tranquility.
  1. Crypotherapy Sessions
Yes, we know you won’t believe it, but a very effective way to relax is chilling out in extreme cold. For such a session, you walk into a cryptotherapy chamber and you’re blasted with cold air, hold your breath, really cold air at -140°C. While it’s hard to fathom, cryptotherapy, it is believed does help reduce stress and boost sleep.  
  1. Floatation Therapy
This kind of therapy involves having you float on a tank filled with salt water. You’re filled with a feeling of being weightless and a calm peacefulness takes over as you float in water-filled pod that has its temperature controlled. It may sound incredulous, but the floatation therapy does indeed help relax and soothe your nerves.

Relaxing in Dubai is hard to believe but trust us, it’s possible and it happens. Our guide on 8 relaxing things to do in Dubai is sure to help you find a way. We look forward to hearing from you about which one you opted for. Do let us know. Goodbye!
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