Best Gym Machines to Help you Gain Weight

Just as gym machines and exercises can help people to lose weight; it can also help others to gain weight healthily. If you are looking to gain weight, we can lend you a helping hand.
There are multi-joint exercises that stress a lot of muscle groups at the same time - precisely to gain weight quickly. Examples of these exercises are:
  • Squats - An excellent all-body exercise.
  • Deadlift - Strengthen your hamstrings, glutes and core.
  • Bench Press - Develop your chest, triceps and shoulders
  • Pull-ups - Best for back and biceps to explode in size
  • Shoulder Press - Use free weights for legs, lower back, and abs maintain balance.
Also, we have discussed some of the best gym exercises machines to help you gain weight and can make a difference in your life.

Dumbbells are not gym machine but versatile equipment which you can use in your home gym. These are usually found in the free-weight area of commercial gyms. With them, you can perform a full-body workout, starting from calves to your traps.

They can strengthen your triceps by performing overhead extensions, or lying triceps extensions. Plus, by doing shoulder presses, lateral raises or upright rows you can tone your shoulders. However, if you want to train your legs, you can do squats while using them. You can also use weight bench for extending your repertoire.

Cable Machine
Cable Machine is suitable for almost all exercises, and you can do a full-body workout. With using a cable machine, you can work on your biceps, triceps, delts, abs, and glutes. You can also do push-ups or pull-ups utilizing this machine. In short, it offers dozens of exercises to target all of your major muscles with variations.

Seated Row Machine
Rowing is excellent equipment as it engages both your upper and lower body to strengthen your legs, arms, and core. It has a smooth action, an ergonomically designed handle, and a comfortable seat to make the exercise easy.

When you use a rowing machine, start with setting level five and go slow and steady as it is all about using power and control. Overall it is a perfect machine for your shoulders, biceps, and rhomboids.

Pull-Up/Dip Machine
Pull-up / Dip Machine is good for the upper body and back muscles and is much easier to use. This combined gym machine allows you to work on both while reducing the percentage of your bodyweight that you lift. This machine also helps in maintaining your body in good shape when you build strength throughout your upper body.

Smith Machine
Smith machines have large frames like a squat rack, but it has a bar attached to two vertical posts. This machine can help you get familiar with exercises like bench presses and squats since it takes a lot less effort to push the bar up and down when you don't have to waste energy by stabilizing your body and the barbell.

Smith machines are great for familiarizing yourself with massive compound movements like bench presses and squats.

Some Valuable tips to gain weight
If you want to gain weight and muscle mass, make dietary and physical changes to help you reach your long-term goals. Doing the right types of exercise and opting for healthier foods can help you gain weight safely and build muscle mass. The right combination of calories and exercise will not only help you in gaining weight safely but will also develop your muscles strong. Here below are some valuable tips to gain weight:
  • Eat more and start from 200 to 500 more calories per day. You can also eat several small meals a day rather than three large meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and try to build up your calorie intake over time slowly.
  • Choose calorie-dense foods like full-fat dairy products, olive oil, dry fruits, nuts butter and more.
  • Please don't underestimate the power of sleep. Take proper rest for maximum recovery.
  • Avoid doing cardio exercises.
  • Keep a proper check on your lifestyle.
  • To make sure you gain muscle instead of fat, be sure to exercise during your weight gain journey.
  • Do not avoid the fat containing food entirely as your body needs healthy fats for energy

Bottom lines
Healthily gaining weight requires a disciplined and balanced approach. You cannot replace your weight  training with proper nutrition and vice versa. Also, you will need a lot of patience to see these ladders climb. Keep pushing yourself, and you will achieve the body of your dreams with time.

Whether you are looking for a low-impact or high-impact workout machines, using gym equipment Capalaba is useful to gain weight healthily for males and females. Plus, take a look at the points mentioned above before you start using gym machines for gaining weight.
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