Most popular flowers that should be your secret message

Flowers are no doubt the best messenger of say, emotions, feelings and sharing. When we get confused what to send to our beloved ones on their special days, flower bouquets are the only survivors. When we forget to buy gifts for someone, then the floral bouquet is the best last minute gift to save you from embarrassment. All flowers send some specific messages to the people you send. But among them, there are some flowers that are perfect to send/share secret message.  Here most popular flowers that should be your secret message.

1) Red Rose

Red is the purest color of love and rose is the queen of all flowers. The love day, Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world with this flower. Even when before time, when there was no Valentine’s Day at all, red roses were the only way to express love to your sweetheart. Red has various shades as well. The crimson red is the blooming love; the blood red is the deepening love. And the darkest shade of red is the erotic desire for someone. All you need to someone to understand what you couldn’t tell is a bouquet of red roses. It is the rose flower secret that is the best in the world.

2) Petunias

This flower, Petunia, can be used in two completely separate purposes. If you have had a very ugly fight with someone, this is the perfect apologetic flower. But also, if you want someone to tell that you find their company very soothing and peaceful; you can send them this floral bouquet. Petunias are bright and colorful blooms. These are mainly the winter flowers; so it is best to order flower online from a colder country. Petunia is a rare flower to send to someone close to your heart and mind. SO, it can be an unusual and unique flower to share your secrets.

3) Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums might be a little difficult for pronunciation, but it sends a very beautiful and clear message to anyone you gift this. The texture of this flower says that all it reflects is honesty. So, someone with whom you want to be honest always, or want them to be honest with you forever- this is the perfect flower to send. Pick any of the bright colors this flower is available on and include it in one of the fall bouquet of flowers. The person would be elated to have this flower bouquet.

4) Daffodils

Daffodils have always been one of the best flowers to indicate ‘new beginning’. It can be job, it can be a relationship or it can be a dream. Daffodils are called the self-engaged flower that reflects the personal desires, wishes and emotions in the most perfect way possible. Daffodils have been in the people’s mind, in the thoughts of the poets. The bright yellow color itself is the most attractive part of this flower. If you want to wish someone your whole hearted support, there is no other better flower than this one.

5) Carnation

Well, carnation is an interesting flower. It is a pitch perfect for the high school senior crush messages. But there is some very serious confusion in varieties of this flower. The simple ‘uni-color’ shades are simpler in sending messages. Like the white carnation spreads the message of ‘sweet and lovely’, pink one stands for ‘unforgettable’ remarks. But never ever choose the bi-color varieties as they may send harmful messages, like ‘I don’t want to be with you’ or ‘disdain’. So, be careful in sending this flower as your secret carrier. It can be amazing if it works, but it can be disappointing as well if it doesn’t work.

6) Edelweiss

Well, everyone must have watched the epic film- ‘The Sound of Music’. Then you will love this flower from the bottom of your heart. This flower stands for ultimate courage and devotion. This flower grows in a very rough Alps-an atmosphere. So, it is for someone who is the symbol of courage. You know someone deep down who has faced a lot, and still wearing the perfect smile; this flower perfectly reflect the personality. Flower delivery Brazil is the best website to order flowers from. It is pocket friendly as well as famous for quality as well.

7) Myrtle

If you are searching for the perfect congratulation flowers to be added in the wedding bouquet for your close ones, this flower is the one and only. This flower expresses the love and good luck, especially in marriage. And honestly, walking down the aisle with this flower bouquet in hand will make the bride the best in the world.

Although flowers are popular, but people rarely know what secret message they send with their bouquets. Above are the best popular floral bouquets to convey your secret passages.
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