Taiwan enhances senior care, well-being with innovative products

BhopalSince its outbreak, corona virus has been showing that older adults are the most vulnerable to the worst effects of the disease. Experts say that our bodies ability to fight disease wears down as we age. It has a harder time fighting off new infections like Covid-19 and it’s also more likely to be afflicted by chronic diseases that make the immune system weaker.

This is therefore the time to protect the older population with more care and attention across the world. While Taiwan as a country has shown the strength of its medical and healthcare industry in the handling of COVID-19, the country is also working on ways to make more care services available for seniors.

With a rise in life longevity, Taiwan is leveraging its healthcare facilities to offer a wide variety of choices to nurture health in general of its older population. Some of these products include air purifiers, Intelligent Air Quality and Air Conditioning Energy Management System in medical centers by TECO; premium assistive devices designed for seniors, such as Foldable Mobility Scooter by Merits and Carbon Fiber Wheel chair by Gigantex; foot-care products for diabetic patients, such as Medical Support Diabetes Foot’s Sock from Unite Creative Design;Asiatic Fiber Corporation’s Wearable E-Massage Textiles that lifts muscle discomforts.

Additionally, there are also products that are particularly designed to ease the workload for caregivers like Pro-care Turn by APEX. This device is designed to rotate patients from their backs periodically by the caregivers to prevent bedsore.

Mark Wu, Executive Director of TAITRA’s Strategic Marketing Department said,“Now is the time to provide more and more care to the older population. It is not just corona virus that affects seniors; they may face health issues in general as they age. Taiwan has felt the need to develop a robust long-term care plan. We have some excellent products that are making life a little more comfortable to the older population and their caregivers.

In order to target ASEAN senior market, Taiwanese Excellence will lead award-winning brands to join the ASEAN Senior Care & Wellness Expo (AGEXPO), which has recently been postponed from April to August 20-23 in Malaysia due to the outbreak of COVID-19.
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