7 Reasons to Switch to Natural Cosmetics

When it comes to your body, the most important thing should be your health. Even if you do take care of it using various products, have you ever asked yourself if they are healthy?
 Modern skincare products are loaded with chemicals that aren't only bad for the environment, but for your health as well. So, instead of damaging your health, consider switching to natural cosmetics. I know what you're thinking about: "Another lousy trend that will die out in a couple of years", but besides making your skin glow, natural cosmetics have numerous other benefits.

1. Better overall health and wellbeing

Changing your habits when you’ve already been diagnosed with illness or condition may be too late. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Instead of risking various skin conditions, allergies, or even cancer, by switching to organic products, you’re switching to a healthier lifestyle.
Besides that, chemicals that come from various products are bad for the health of your whole family. No matter how well you hide the harmful cosmetics, they always seem to find their way to the wrong hands. For your peace of mind, prevent disasters from happening by using only vegan products.

2. Decreases toxicity in your body

Everyday life is filled with stress and “toxic wastes” that are loaded on your body. It comes from the food you eat, the air you breathe in, your lifestyle, and lastly the products you use.
Even if you desperately try to get rid of the dull skin, you most likely won't see any progress while you're damaging your skin with chemicals. Switching to natural cosmetics doesn't only reduce the toxic load on your body, but also prevents environmental pollution because all ingredients are organically sourced.

3. Protects the environment

Your skin and body aren’t the only one suffering from the dangerous chemicals you use daily. The environment is also crying for help!

Let’s put it this way: when you wash your face with non-natural cosmetics, where do you think it ends up? What happens to microbeads from exfoliators? Those little plastic balls end up polluting the waterways which directly means that they are endangering sea life. You’d hate to see that happen, right? Besides that, natural cosmetics come in packages that can be recycled or reused, which usually isn't the case with other cosmetic packages.

4. Zero cruelty

The ongoing trend of switching to vegan products and diet is so popular due to the “zero cruelty” principle. Almost every household has at least one pet. If you love your fur babies, you definitely wouldn’t harm them. Why are the other animals different?
When it comes to reasons for switching to cruelty-free products, besides harming innocent animals, they include existing alternatives such as natural cosmetics and safe ingredients. The one who does not care about animal welfare doesn't care about humans either. So, why would you trust a brand that's been harming animals for the sake of human "health"?

5. Allergy-friendly

An itchy, puffy face that keeps breaking out is far from fun. You've probably at least once in your life excitedly tried a new lotion, foundation or cream only to find out it causes severe allergies. Companies that want to prevent that from happening think the only solution is to test on animals. Well, they are wrong!

Instead of putting tons of chemicals on your face, cosmetic brands should switch to natural ingredients used in organic cosmetics, that are suitable for every skin type. Not only will your skin be less sensitive, but you’ll be surprised by a glowing look as well.

6. Healing properties and nourishment

One of the best, but usually overlooked, parts of natural cosmetics are their healing “powers”. Not only do they not harm us, but they actually help us heal! For centuries ingredients found in nature have been used for medicine and healing, so why should it be different today?

There is no better way to look beautiful than by putting high-quality natural makeup, which is also healing your skin and improving your overall body health. Besides the desirable natural beauty look, organic makeup provides your skin with sun protection. If you want your skin to be "forever young", natural products, which are mineral-rich, support youthful-looking skin.

7. They work!

Even though natural products sound too good to be true, they actually work miracles on your skin. Once you switch to organic beauty products, your skin will thank you by glowing, being clean and, most importantly, healthy.

You no longer have to risk your health by using products and cosmetics filled with chemicals. Help the environment and your body by switching to natural cosmetics that work just as well as the cosmetics you’re accustomed to.


Natural cosmetic is made to be truly cruelty-free, for the environment, animals, and for our skin. It's made of the ingredients that have existed in nature for centuries, and their main purpose is to bring us back to our roots, traditions and state where nothing was polluted. Their goal is to keep us nourished and healthy, without taking away our beauty.
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