God will help Indians to fight Covid-19 but with their cooperation. It's a collective responsibility wherein individuals and religious organizations can donate trust fundsto help curbit.

It is no news that the whole world is on lockdown because of the novel Coronavirus otherwise known as covid-19. As a pandemic that has continued to trouble the world since late last year, India has had its share of this deadly decease. People are dying daily with little or no hope of survival. Therefore, Maadri.Prithviraj calls on all Temple trusts of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Zoroastrians and other religious affiliations to practice what they preach. They should donate in this time as it’s God’s money and only God can save us at this time.

However, this is the right time to stay home and pray. It is time to call on God our maker who has the solution to all our problems. It’s a time to reassure ourselves and other hopeless and helpless people that there is hope. Yes, God will surely sustain and help us come out strong from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Again, it is time for religious trusts who have More than 71,43,000 crore Rupees($1trillion +) to make their money available to the masses that are in dire need of ways of survival. 
They should share money directly to the citizens who have continued to suffer and die of hunger since the inception of Covid-19 and lockdown in Indian. They should try as much as possible to release even half of the money they have accumulated over time from their members to the Indian government to help fight this pandemic.

It’s time to show love to the people who are almost helpless at the moment. Many are finding it difficult to buy food and medicine. All religious Organizations and other spirited individuals should help the nation of India to fight this by donating relief materials, emergency support, encourage health care workers to combat this turbulent plague which has crippled every sector of human life. Support this humanitarian and selfless service. The time to fight this Covid-19 pandemic is now!

If you support or discuss more on this initiative please reach Maadri.Prithviraj
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