7 Safety Tips to Follow While Trimming Tree

Tree trimming is a technique in which affected, diseased branches and limbs of trees are removed. The tree trimming operation is performed in such a way that it does not affect the good health of your tree. If you have good knowledge, appropriate tools, and the right skills, then you can opt for DIY.

But, when you are doing it for the first time and do not know the right techniques, then it is wise to leave this operation on professionals. Tree trimming involves great risk; therefore, you should hire only trained tree experts.

If you want to cut higher branches of a tree, then you have to climb and start a tree pruning process. You also have to carry portable tree trimming tools such as a chainsaw or other trimmers.

You should also use the aerial lift to easily access tall branches, and it will increase the risk to life. There are two risks involved in tree trimming, i.e., falling from height and electrocution. Therefore, you should take the necessary training before starting working at heights.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various safety measures that you should adopt while tree-trimming:

  1. Wear Right Safety Gear

You should wear a leather lineman’s glove and protect your hand from electrical shock. Also, you should wear close-fitting clothes with long sleeves and hard hats made up of non-conductive material. When you start doing tree trimming operations, then your eyes may be exposed to dust, insects, pine needles, etc.

Thus, you should wear eye safety gear. If you want to operate tree trimmers, then you should think about your safety. You should also wear slip-resistant shoes. Make sure you should also add fall protection gear in your safety tools. 

  1. Do Pre-Work Assessment

The different trees require different jobs and unique strategies. Plus, different tree trimming practices need different safety gear. If the ladder is necessary for the tree trimming process, then you have to tie up your ladder safely on the tree.

If you have to climb high, they should invest in a protection harness, rope to climb, and aerial lift. You should inspect your harnesses and latches before climbing on the ladder to trim a tree. You should be very careful while cutting the affected and diseased branches of the tree.

  1. Check Weather Forecast

You should check the weather forecast before starting your tree trimming task. If you are expecting windy weather with snowfall, then it is a good idea to drop your plan to trim high branches of the tree.

You should also inspect the tree before climbing on a ladder. The tree inspection will help you to determine the potential hazards, such as broken limbs and tangled power lines. You should inspect before starting the tree trimming process.

  1. Ensure the Safety of Passersby and co-workers.

Tree trimming poses a risk to a person who is performing the task, co-workers, and passerby. Therefore, before starting your work, you should ensure the safety of everyone around the tree. You should not just ensure the safety of people, but also make sure that tree limbs do not fall over the roof of your house or car parked near to the tree.

If you are working on a tree that is in proximity to the busy street, then you should make sure that people do not go close to the tree on which you are working. Install the safety board in red color.

  1. Take Help of Partner

You should never perform tree trimming tasks alone. It is a good idea to take the help of a partner who can help you to efficiently and quickly complete your task. You should tell your partner to stay on the ground when you are working at heights. Your partners can provide you the necessary support while tree trimming operation.

  1. Never Use Conducive Tools

If you are working on a tree whose branches are close to power lines, then never use conductive tools for tree trimming. You should take a wooden ladder and non-conductive tools and gadgets to perform tree trimming tasks. Power lines can severely injure you and can lead to fatal accidents.

  1. Maintain Distance with Power Lines

It is important to maintain a certain distance with electric power lines. You should not get very close to the power lines because they can attract conductive tools and lead to a major injury. Also, you should never try to de-energies the electric power line unless you are trained.

Only experienced, skilled, and qualified persons can do de-energized electric power lines. If you want to trim a tree that is close to the power lines, it is recommended to call the utility company to de-energize electric power lines.

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