7 Ways to include fitness in your lifestyle

Fitness is important for our mental and physical well-being. Everyone knows this. Unfortunately, our lives are so busy that sometimes getting in a workout or doing anything remotely healthy is a challenge for us.

But no matter how busy you are or how emotionally drained you are, remaining fit is important. It keeps us active and ensures that we don’t become slaves to our bodies and mind. It can be a challenge for some people to get into a fitness regime.

Starting a routine that makes you fit is not frightening. It is the part after that which is what freaks people out. That is, how to ensure that you are consistent in your new fitness routine or habits of eating healthy and so on? Well, the answer is simple, make it a habit.

When you start doing a thing daily, it will slowly become your habit, and no matter how much you try, you won’t be able to give up on your habits.

Also, I am sharing some secrets with you, that will let you include fitness into your lifestyle.

1.      Take a walk

Whenever you get the chance, walk. Walking is a great way to keep your body moving, and it doesn’t take much effort. If you cannot assign a particular time for a walk, do it in creative ways.
For instance, if your office is nearby, walk to work. Or you can walk while taking a call in the office or at home. Walking briskly not only helps you lose weight, but walking also clears your head which can help you overall.

2.      Motivate yourself to remain fit

During difficult times, motivation to remain fit is scarce. So, prepare for that in advance. Use Canva to create motivational posters, and stick them around your house and office.
All of them should be uplifting and inspiring you to remain fit and keep moving.
Moreover, during such times, seek out positive articles, and read them. Words have a lot of influence on who we are and what we can do.

3.      Start with a small goal

Don't start working out for 1 hour a day or do repetitions of an extreme workout a lot. It can do more harm as your body may not react well to it. Instead, start small, like a 20-minute HIIT or so on.
You can gradually increase the time and intensity of your workout, incorporating tons of new workout regimes, and so on.

4.      Figure out what motivates you

You need to workout continuously for 21-days to make it a habit.  But you may feel like giving up on the 4th day, it happens with the best of us. To ensure that you don’t give up, motivate yourself.
Figure out what motivates you, it is a motivational quote or some fitness blog or talking to your coach or friend? Whatever it is, use it the next time, you feel like giving up on your workout.

5.      Workout in the morning

If you don’t have time in the morning, working out at night is okay. But try to get in your exercise daily in the morning only. It helps you remain energized the whole day, and jump-starting your body first thing in the morning is best.

6.      Track your workout

It sounds tedious, but it can help you a lot. Use an online planner or journal where you track the time and exercises you performed. It will help you keep track of your performance and will also push you to work hard in the future.
You can see what area you can work on better, and increase the intensity of that workout more.

7.      Do your favorite exercise

No matter how tired you are, if you love a particular exercise, include it in your day anyhow. It can be running or dancing or swimming. It will make you feel better, instead of doing an exercise that you don’t love. It will provide you with better results too as your heart is in it.

Our body is our temple, treat it right by including any form of activity that helps you remain fit. Also, making lifestyle changes like diet and sleep is crucial too.

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