Coming soon: The tale of Veer Savarkar's post-Andaman life in Hindi

Mumbai, May 25th, 2020: This year, on the occasion of freedom fighter and noted revolutionary Veer Savarkar's 137th birth anniversary, there's good news for all who draw inspiration from him. A four-part memoir (Ratnagiri Parv (1924-1937), Hindu Mahasabha Parv (1937- 1941), Akhand Hindustan Sangharsh Parv (1941-1947) and Antim Parv (1947-1966) on Savarkar's life, which had been penned by his secretary, will be published in Hindi.

The book series 'Swatantrayveer Savarkar', was written by Acharya Balarao Savarkar in Marathi. The Swatantryaveer Savarkar Rashtriya Smarak, a trust run by Savarkar's grandson Ranjit Savarkar, reprinted the Marathi series and released it on the revolutionary's death anniversary, February 26. They roped in politician Dr. Subramanian Swami for the Marathi release.

The trust aims to publish the series in Hindi and all regional languages to spread Savarkar's true story to the world. They've tied up with entrepreneur, founder and director of Bima Mandi, Prashant Karulkar to publish the series in Hindi.

"This four-part memoir captures Savarkar's life, with one section based entirely on the time when he was released from the Andaman jail to the time of Indian independence. Readers can experience his life as if they're reading his diary from that point in time", said Prashant Karulkar.

"I took up this project as a mission to spread awareness about Savarkar's life and his message. We've completed 80% of the work for this project and plan to hold a big release for it by Diwali", he added.

Acharya Balarao had drawn the book from his experiences while he had worked with Veer Savarkar. He had also compiled documents, newspaper clippings, notes and articles which had been penned by the freedom fighter throughout his lifetime. His book includes a chronological account of events from each year of the revolutionary's life.

"The book serves as a treasure trove for everyone who appreciates his contribution as a great revolutionary in the Indian freedom struggle. We hope to reach the young generation too, who are curious to know about his contribution. It will also provide information to everyone who criticises Savarkar, without a context of his life, views and experiences", said Ranjit Savarkar. 

Swapnil Savarkar, Savarkar's grandson, who holds the current copyright for the series, has thanked Karulkar's efforts in ensuring the Hindi release for the book.

Ranjit Savarkar and Prashant Karulkar wish to release the memoir in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah around Diwali, depending on the state of the coronavirus crisis.
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