Design Stores to Inspire Your Home Decor

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When it comes to redecorate or revamp your home there are plethora of design options to choose from. Redecorating a house not only involves buying furniture and other decor items, but it also involves designing of every space of your house. Today, there are multitudes of design stores across the world that gives you inspiration to design the spaces of your house. These design stores are smart and play with their interiors and blend fashion in a unique way. Visiting these design stores or Home Decor Website would give you an inspiration to redecorate your house. Below is the list of some popular design stores that are worth visiting for an interior designing inspiration.

Mint, London 
The interesting thing about this design store is that it keeps on changing with the trends. The interior of this shop keeps on changing with trends and you will see a consistent influx of smartly styled furniture and decor objects, including the unique pieces by emerging artists and coveted designs from esteemed and reputed designers from across the world. 

This is the store that is known for its unique experiments with Decoration Design Products and they have a good sense of interior designing too.

Crema Design, Cape Town 
Cape Town is the leading design city in the world and it is the home to some of the exclusive boutiques like Crema Design. Walking across the store would give you the feeling of browsing a masterly designed gallery. The interior designing of the store is done by the local architects called The Fold Architects. The designers have renovated the building to suit the aesthetic and needs of the store. From handmade rugs to lighting fixtures and more, every decor is special here and it is the perfect example of high design decor.

Casa Perfect Los Angeles 
Casa Perfect is the abode of some unique collectable and modern design. Housed inside the mid century West Hollywood Hills, Casa Perfect is designed by the Korean American designer, David Hyun backed in 1957. This is the renowned appointment-only showroom with expansive outdoor space and four bedrooms designed for visitors who can explore and find inspiration and Home Decor Ideas. The interior of the store comprises of ultra-modern fixtures and lighting, textiles, art, and furniture which is not possible to find elsewhere.

Hay House, Horsens Denmark 
This is mainly a design shop that is inspired by architecture, fashion and ultra modern living. It has the best recipe for attractive and refined interiors. It is considered to have the best interior design and comprises of both local and international grade interiors. The interiors are stylish and inspiring too and it is the heaven of classic minimalism.

The Apartment by the Line, Los Angeles 
The Apartment by the Line is the ultimate destination where you find the best bohemian, sunny background. Located in the West Hollywood location, The Apartment by the Line is designed just like an airy California home where you see two adjoining spaces connected by unique walkway designed by Moroccan floor tiles. Visiting this store would give you a glimpse of masterly designed furniture collection and artwork that are waiting to come to your house with you.    

Story New York City 
Story is the Manhattan inspired store that takes its inspiration from the concept of print magazine. The store keeps on changing its interiors once in every 4-8 weeks and each design inspiration represent a new cultural theme, whether it is a brand, release of new movie or anything. But, the interiors are always interactive and fun filled and you are likely to get some inspiration for your Home Interior Design from its interiors.  

South Loop Loft, Chicago 
South Loop Loft is the local design store and its exceptional collection of furnishings and distinct style is appreciated by others in the country. If you are looking for design inspirations, quality antiques, modern statement pieces or both, then this would be your one stop solution. Here you will fall in love with its interiors and the unique way of representing the antiques.

So, these were some of the top rated design stores from across the world from where you can get design inspirations for your upcoming home revamping and redecoration project.             
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