Home Furniture transforms to Work from Home Furniture

In response to the pandemic spread of COVID 19, interchangeably called Coronavirus, people have adopted the western culture of “WORK FROM HOME” extensively. Before the outbreak, in India, people considered work for home, as a part-time job for the women who have to take care of their family, as well as for the women who are focused on their career and cannot abscond her responsibility towards her family adopted this culture reciprocally called as Remote workplace.

After the outbreak, the companies are targeting Work from Home culture in their plan of working. Even the Board opts for a well-thought work from home plan to render services to their customers and to roll the Indian economy forward.

Advances in technology have made work from home move easily. But the cause of concern over here is the health issues prevailing due to the incorrect posture developed within the people. Modern work from home offices or office homes has an adverse impact on health leading to unforeseen problems. As this work from culture would last long, we would like to draw attention to the work from home furniture. No, we don’t aspire to spend your hard-earned money in this unsure time, where the money is already a big concern to worry about. We neither urge to bag for an extra room for your workspace. We bring you the home furniture, which is already at your home and to make them as your work from home space. Here are the few furniture and tips to consider while working remotely.

The wooden beauty which redefines the workspace. Yes you learned it right, the study table. It is easily available at home. Of course we will not take you back to your school, but why not back to those memories of your school days, where you use to prepare hard for your exams, likewise work hard for your office. Make your study table the office desk and suit yourself with all the sticky notes, stationeries, and laptop, etc around. Improper screen height would lead to sore necks and furniture like this acts as a bonzer at this time.

We don’t stress you to buy an office chair, but why not use a dining table chair or a wing chair against your office desk. It is important to use an ergonomic chair and desk. This lockdown as

we are short with office furniture, we make our home furniture like a dining chair as our well-suited chair. It does not harm your posture as well as it will not lead you into any kind of spine issues. It is well-advised to have a small walk break, as sitting in the same posture for hours would lead to body aches and mental stress.

Console Table :
The standing desk is one of the most healthy workspaces for the people. Standing and working for sometime reduces the chances of backaches, sore necks, muscle pulls, and boosts your concentration and keeps you energized always. Transform your console table into the office desk by creating a dedicated workspace to focus and work smart.

It may not work as your office desk but yes, it can work as the cabinet which stores your files and folders. This lockdown we have learned a lot about less is more. Due to uncertainty prevailing around we try to utilize all those things which are available at home and can be used easily without any hindrance. Sweep off your books and make a place for your files and folders in this exquisite spacious bookshelf. Turning the book storage place into the office stationery storage place in this quarantine time becomes easy.

The most important living room furniture. To be honest, most used furniture for gossips, lively banters and for office work too. Yes, the sofa can be one of the furniture to be used in this quarantine for work from home. The comfortable sofa does not only lead to being a potato couch but can also lead you to sit straight and comfortable to work. All you have to do is make your lap as your desk to place your laptop. To make your posture right use cushions behind your back and beneath the laptop to raise the screen height. No slouching, it may end with terrible back pain.

These are the list of furniture that can be used for comfortable work from home space. In spite of this, proper light and a good intake of water and food is important to stay healthy and fit this

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