How Shane Dawson Became A Successful YouTuber?

Shane Dawson is the current king of Youtube. He is popular and people seem to want him to 'save' or 'rescue' people with his documentary-style videos on conflicting statistics.

The Beginning
Shane Dawson is 31 years old and began actively posting on YouTube in 2008, at the age of 19 with his channel, ShaneDawsonTV. Dawson always wanted to be a movie director, telling Quartz detective Jeff Slate, “I've wanted to be a director since I was five, and I've been making videos since I was a kid. YouTube later emerged during high school. I made videos and it was just a place to put them, as storage. ”

Dawson's channel started almost as a marker between a video diary and a hilarious comedy series and sometimes controversial characters like Shanaynay and Rod Makkenrole. In 2010, he still had half a million views and was one of the first YouTubers to gain so much popularity.

He had a brief career in music, producing songs and music videos, and in 2014 Dawson appeared in the film's production of the Starz channel, getting the production of his first and only non-length film. While his film won this competition, the movie has been promoted by critics around the world. In 2013, Dawson debuted a four-year podcast called Shane & Friends, producing 140 episodes and was very popular. Dawson is also an amazing writer, who wrote 2015's I Hate Myselfie and 2016's It Get Worse.

Shane's second YouTube channel, which was recently renamed "Shane," was created in 2005, but was a major hit on ShaneDawsonTV for a few years. His channel Shane started producing high-quality videos and eventually became his main channel at the end of 2016, with his last ShaneDawsonTV video, '' The Lottery '- Short Movie, ”posted on December 12, 2016.

Gaining Fame & the Progression of Shane Dawson
Dawson has been one of the most-followed people on YouTube by over 22 MILLION subscribers on his Shane channel (over 8 million on ShaneDawsonTV).

Dawson has told the audience many times; living with his abusive father and later becoming a single mother, how angry, abused, and unhappy he was before he lost 200 pounds after high school and began auditioning to become an actress. When he didn't get the roles, they turned to the YouTube platform at the time as a way to get his work and ideas out there. Dawson was one of the principal individuals to make YouTube his all day work. One of his most endearing traits and the main reason why so many people love Dawson is its humour and deception. He spoke about his struggles with food and dysmorphia of his body, his living life, his growing anxiety in society, and his experience of going to therapy. Dawson always comes across as honest, truthful, kind and humble.

In recent years, Dawson has stopped attending award shows, conducting interviews, and collaborating with YouTubers on short videos, all of which he has been actively pursuing for the past few years. He has honestly said how much they bothered his and worried, the image of his body was producing and that he didn't want to do those things now. And people love him for it.

As a long-time influencer on YouTube, Shane has a sense of legality and has inspired many young people to start their journey on the platform. Although he has no part in the controversies, Dawson's authenticity and willingness to appear have made him a YouTube king.

Dawson often changes the way he works on the platform. At first, he made videos every week, then posted more often, then made different formats and thumbnails, and so on. He has appeared in his content, occasional comedy sketches, sketches, music videos and multiple collaborations, ideas for ideas, moving objects, food videos, and sometimes clicks bait.

His previous videos were often rude, sarcastic, and sometimes annoying. As a teenager, Dawson's videos have been very effective, showcasing humour, and are very personal.

The YouTube King
Shane Dawson is one of the most-followed people on YouTube and in recent years has become a digital phenomenon. She has stopped posting short slime videos and stylish content, even though she has appeared regularly on her Ryland Adams dating site and Morgan Adams' sister channel on their vlog style videos.

When Dawson's post, people stopped what they were doing to watch.
They post the videos themselves in response, write articles, and continue to adapt.
Dawson has found a new niche in making documentaries in controversial YouTube magazines and remote content.

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