How you can save fresh cut flowers for long!!

On every occasion, flowers are the best as a present. As you are giving your heart to your loved ones when you are giving them flowers. Flowers will make your loved ones happy and convey a lot of messages. Giving flowers will surely make their special day more special. You can also buy flowers for home decoration and other things. Most importantly you can also buy flowers for yourself as Self-love is more important than anything.

You can order flowers online easily with the comfort of your sofa. Flowers delivery in Bangalore is available and it is very efficient too. You will also get a lot of choices so that you can do the best for your loved ones.

After buying flowers or receiving flowers, there are few things you should consider to keep them fresh and alive for a long time. Going easy with flowers is so delicate and beautiful is the best way. Still confused don’t worry here are the 5 pro tips you can do to keep your flowers fresh.
  1. Change the water - If you are using flowers as a decorative piece. So don’t forget to change the water every day. So that your bouquet can last for more time. If you are using a bouquet for yourself or for a gift you can do the same to last it for long and smell it for more days. It’s better if youbuy flowers online so that they will deliver you very fresh flowers and bouquets. If you are in Bangalore it’s amazing because flower delivery in mumbai is available.
  2. Feed your flowers timely- Fresh Flowers need water and food too. Nowadays when you buy flowers online, they provide you with a packet of food which you can add to let your flowers and bouquet live more. Usually these packets last not more days, not as much as you want your flowers to live. These packets usually contain substances like sugar and all. Also, don’t forget to set the pH level of water. As it will surely affect the life of your flowers.
  3. Temperature for your flowers- when you are choosing a place for your bouquet try to find a place with normal room temperature, it should not be too hot or too cold. Most of the flowers live long at room temperature but there are also some flowers which prefer cold temperatures like Tulips. So don’t forget to check the type of flowers you are buying and at which temperature they are comfortable. This information is easily available online, so it’s really when you order flowers & online flower delivery in gurgaon.
  4. Stems are Important - When you order flowers onlineyou will get flowers with stem cut on an angle. So don’t cut them because it’s necessary for flowers to be fresh and alive. Also, it provides nourishment to flowers. If someday you cut flowers from your garden, cut it on an angle or in a slanting way. This really helps the flowers to be alive for more days. The theory behind this is that when you cut a stem in a slanting way you are increasing the surface area of the stem so that they can suck more nourishment from water as that is the primary access point for flowers. In most of the bouquet also this is followed to last it for long.
Cleaning- When you have a happy birthday bouquet or anniversary bouquet and you want them to last for long so you place them in water but after a day or two there when their leaves start falling don’t forget to clean them up. Don’t be lazy in this work because this also affects the life of your fresh flowers. As when dry leaves fall in the water, it will affect the pH level of water and may also lead to the development of bacteria.

These are the tips you should keep in mind when you are taking care of flowers but more than this you should also know that flowers are not immortal, they will die at some point of time but the feeling attached with them never dies. As feelings are immortal and pure. So don’t forget to give and receive flowers. Take good care of them when you receive them and when you give them to attach your love with those flowers. So for giving you can order flowers online, which are available easily and nowadays midnight flower delivery in Bangalore is also available, so surprise your loved ones with flowers.
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