Kuvera.In Introduces Savesmart, A Deposit Account For Your Emergency Funds

Kuvera.in, India’s fastest growing online investment advisory platform announces the launch of Savesmart a deposit account specifically designed to provide a higher rate of return while ensuring liquidity.
SaveSmart is linked to a basket of liquid funds (currently ~6%) from the top mutual fund companies in India and provides instant liquidity of up to Rs 2 lakh a day.  It also allows users to withdraw the rest of their money in as little as one business day. The Rs. 2 lakh of instant liquidity helps to cover all immediate emergency expenses. To make it easy to build this emergency corpus, SaveSmart comes with a monthly SIP feature.

Gaurav Rastogi, CEO, Kuvera.in said, “We understood from our users that the top two features they wanted in their emergency funds account is safe returns and high liquidity to withdraw money as needed. The existing options fail to fulfill both the requirements and it has always been a tradeoff between the two. SaveSmart empowers our users by giving them both benefits with just one deposit account.”

Kuvera’s specially built algorithm helps invest money in liquid funds from the largest and most reputed fund houses and ensures that the money invested earns higher liquid returns. The algorithm also ensures highest liquidity availability for instant redemption thus ensuring that the most value is transferred to the user.

Kuvera was founded in 2016 as India’s first ‘free-to-use’ web-based direct mutual fund investment platform. It provides more than 6.5 lakh investors with access to a range of innovative investment tools designed to help them save and reach their financial goals and has almost INR 9,500 crores mutual fund assets under advice.

Kuvera is also the first platform that enabled users to easily switch from regular mutual funds to direct mutual funds, lowering the cost of investing. Innovative features such as family login, mutual fund portfolio consolidation, make Kuvera relevant for both advanced users and first timers.

More Details on SaveSmart can be found on the Kuvera Blog: https://kuvera.in/blog/savesmart-the-best-deposit-account-in-india/
Kuvera.In Introduces Savesmart, A Deposit Account For Your Emergency Funds Kuvera.In Introduces Savesmart, A Deposit Account For Your Emergency Funds Reviewed by Newzpot on 02:49:00 Rating: 5
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