Learn About Computer Optical Drives

There was a time not so long ago that the only disk drives you had on a computer were the infamous 3 1/2 inch floppy drive. The atrocities have been outdated numerous times by different drives, including zip drives and now optical disk drives. The older floppy drives, as they were called, used a magnetic head to read the information that was saved on the floppy disk. This was more in line with cassette recorders and made it possible to record and save data on the computing side rather than having an external tape drive.

Since the advent of the computer optical drives, saving information from your computer has gone through a few changes. The floppy disk was only able to hold so much data, and you usually had to have multiple disks to contain all the information you wanted to save. Optical disk drives let you use CD or DVDs and allow you to save much more information in a small space. With DVDs being upwards in the Gigabyte range and CDs being around 700 Megabytes, you can see how optical drives can save you time and space on your desk.

These drives use either an electromagnetic or laser head that reads waves near the light spectrum. This not only allows you to save more information in a smaller space, but it also lets the drive read and write at a faster speed than the older magnetic drives. With the ability to read and write faster, you find yourself being more productive in whatever it is you are doing.
These days, however, all of the computers and laptops have an optical drive, and very few of them ever use floppy disks anymore. It might be rather difficult even to find a computer these days that can read a floppy disk. Since the advent of DVD drives, you might soon find that it will be difficult even to be able to put a regular CD in your computer and make it work before too long. Although, you might be surprised at what the future holds when it comes to holographic drives!

How to Choose Optical Drives

Are you looking for a new external optical drive for your computer or a laptop? These computer optical drives are becoming popular these days as more and more people are buying it for their homes or offices. However, there are many factors that you should take into consideration before you buy these optical drives. Here are some factors that you need to take into consideration before you buy one for yourself.
  • Brand of Optical Drives
The brand matters because you don't want cheap drives to mess up with your computer. Hence, go for branded drives rather than a pirated or cheap one that does not have any guarantee. You can search for different computer sites where you can buy branded external optical drives at a low price.
  • Depending on its Features
Go for an external drive that has a DVD writer in it because you can get all the options with it. Some external optical drives only provide you with a CD writer option, and hence you cannot write your DVDs in it. Therefore, always buy a DVD writer that allows you to read and write DVDs and CDs as and when you want.
  • Speed of the Optical Drive
Speed matters; therefore, you should go for drives that have more speed. You can go for drives that have the maximum speed for better usability.

  • Compatibility with your operating system
Apart from the speed, you also need to take a look at the compatibility with your operating system. Some external drives are not compatible with all operating systems, and therefore you have to cross-check if your drive works fine with the operating system that you have on your computer or laptop. The manufacturer warranty is also essential when you are choosing this hardware for your computer.

In Final Words

Most of the computer comes with in-built optical drives to read or write, but some of them do not have in-built drives in them. For these computers, external computer optical drives are needed to perform certain functions.

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