Mount Everest Travel Guide

You have probably heard of the highest peaks in the world, and you have felt the adrenaline rush in your blood while imagining the trekking on those highest peaks. People usually choose the most daring and bold places like Mount Everest to travel. Before planning your trip to Mount Everest, you need to know about routes, weather, places to stay and some tourist’s attractions there to make our journey memorable.

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Little Background 
Mount Everest is the most magnificent mountain of world with above 8800 meters (29000 ft approximately) height always covered with thick sheets of snow. Tibetans and the Chinese consider this mountain sacred due to personal beliefs. It is situated in the Himalayas about 600 km from Lhasa and 375 km from Kathmandu between edge of Nepal and China. Its North face lies in China and the South face in Nepal. It has been regarded as the most amazing and stunning peaks of world because of trekking places and astonishing landscapes. You can relish the natural beauty of the mountains and can make beautiful memories by exploring these breathtaking landscapes.

The mountain is a great tourist hub. Moreover, there are so many little spots and destinations you can travel around to enjoy sunsets, glaciers, snow and natural sun rays after reaching the mountain. I want to recommend you to visit the two most fabulous destinations of Mount Everest to make your journey more adventurous and memorable. First is Rongbuk Monastery to explore the pure natural beauty there and the other is Everest Base Camp with the fantastic landscape where you can take selfies to keep it in your memories.

Some recommendations for your travel
How to prepare for your travel to Mount Everest:
First, you need to select the appropriate channel to reach the mountain. People usually prefer Lhasa as the main gateway to Mount Everest because the way from Kathmandu to Mount Everest is broken due to natural disasters. You can also go by plane to Lhasa, and then embark on vehicle o reach Mount Everest. It will take a maximum of three days to reach Mount Everest. It would be best if you planned your days to visit different places here. You should at least plan ten days to stay here if you want to explore all tourists’ attractions there.

Get necessary permission passes for Tibetan front of Mount Everest:
China allows only visitors who have passport and Chinese visa to explore Mount Everest. Hence, if you want to make your dream a reality, then you have to get these essential documents before going; otherwise, Chinese security will not allow you to pass. Moreover, you will have to get Tibet permit pass to reach Tibet end of Mount Everest. If you want to accommodate in Everest Base Camp, then you will have to acquire Allien Travel permit for yourself.

Accustom yourself to magnificent peaks of Mount Everest:
You are suggested to take full medical checkup before planning your travel. Patients who have asthma, heart diseases and breathing problems should not consider their journey to Mount Everest as it is always risky because of high altitudes the oxygen levels are quite low there. If you are healthy and have cleared the medical test, then you should be ready to train yourself physically to bear the harsh environment there.

Be ready to climb the high peaks as you reach the Mount Everest you will have to climb some highest mountains with courage. People who come first time suffer from altitude sicknesses and they get tired while climbing the altitudes. You do not have to be worried at all; it will last for only your arrival day. It would help if you spent your few travel days in lower altitude valleys to get yourself accustomed to high peaks. Your guide will arrange oxygen for you before starting your adventure to Mount Everest, so do not be horrified.

Things to carry while exploration:
You should keep a device to stay updated about height and weather of the mountain. Wear warm clothes before going to the hill to keep you save from cold weather. The minimum temperature remains 30 to 40 °C below zero; however, you can suffer coldness due to severe winds there. Oxygen level is low as 25 % of sea level so you should arrange proper oxygen for yourself in case of emergency you may need oxygen supply. To keep your hands in motion, bring gloves to protect them from snow. There are some rainy days in August and July so bring raincoats and to keep your eyes save from blistering sun rays it is suggested to wear sunglasses, and you can also apply sunblock creams to protect your face from rashes. For trekking on the mountain, you are advised to bring trekking clothes and all trekking equipment to enjoy trekking there.

Place to accommodate near Mount Everest
It would be best if you accommodated in Rongbuk Monastery because it is the only accommodation near Mount Everest. You can feel the natural serene environment and atmosphere there. There is a little hotel at the entrance of monastery where you can spend your quality time with variety of drinks. You can have different meals dishes also there although these are quite costly. The food is said to be delivered from Shigatse.
If you want to stay in hotels for a short duration, you can find Zhufeng hotel, Baiba hotel, Shanghai hotel, park hotel with all facilities there though these are quite expensive hotel.

The most appropriate time to visit Mount Everest
The most suitable time to explore the mountains is from April to October. Never plan your journey in monsoon because it rains heavily in monsoon season like in July and August months are usually monsoon months. Travellers suggest to visit the mountain in October because it is not so much cold season as you can smoothly go trekking on mountains and April season is preferred as you can take photographs of sunny and shiny landscapes in that month. Therefore, you should consider your timetable for selecting the best month for your travel to Mount Everest.
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