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Through all New Haven Jewelry Stores and all West Haven Jewelers, one of the top ones that comes to mind is Diamond Designs! They are located in Orange, Connecticut and they are a small local business that is family owned. They sell numerous kinds of jewelry and they also repair many types of jewelry as well. They are one of the best, if not the best jewelry store in the New Haven area. They focus on customer experience and needs so every customer that walks through their doors or goes on their online store always remains satisfied. They want to make all customers happy with repairs done to broken jewelry or new jewelry that has just been purchased. Diamond Designs specializes in the amazing experience of purchasing an engagement ring  and many customers note they do a fantastic job. The Diamond Designs team loves to focus on their customers and they always want them to feel welcome and they are there for any help any customer needs. Diamond designs is the best jeweler to go to if you live in the New Haven county or area because they always treat their customers with the best quality product and services possible. Diamond Designs is a must go to jewelry store because you will never leave dissatisfied!

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Located in Orange, Connecticut, Diamond Designs is a small local business jewelry store. While selling a wide variety of jewelry, the store specializes in engagement rings. The engagement rings can also be found and purchased on the store’s website. Diamond Designs also offers a variety of wedding ring sets online. Some of the brands consist of Ritani and Simon G. Whether at  the in persson store or online, Diamond Designs helps customers with their tough decisions on which wedding ring set to purchase. The website gives customers the chance to select every characteristic as well as a specific model that they want to come with their ring. It gives you the feeling that you are shopping in the store itself! While the Diamond Design experience is great while shopping in the store, purchasing your engagement rings and wedding ring sets on the online store is just as good an option! The online store is a great, if not the best secondary option to buy a wedding ring set through Diamond Designs. Diamond Designs does an exceptional job giving their customers everything they need in order to make the right decision through their in store service, and through their online jewelry store service as well!

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Diamond Designs located in Orange, Connecticut is a jewelry store which largely focuses on custom designs. This store has the most experienced and trained jewelers! Staffers pride themselves on their knowledge of any and every piece that you may want. Complex craftsmanship goes in to making your watch, ring, or necklace unique! We at Diamond Designs want to ensure the customers how we take pride in every job brought to us. Our environment is very open and welcoming making you feel completely comfortable satisfied with any purchase that you make! Give us a shot and become part of the Diamond Designs family by stopping into our jewelry store in Orange, CT or our website We can guarantee your joy and satisfaction with us!
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