Shoot Like A Pro With These Smartphone Camera Accessories : Your smartphone camera may pack in tons of megapixels and advanced features, but that alone cannot guarantee top quality for your snaps. To shoot like a pro, you need to invest in some essential smartphone camera accessories. To make things easier for you, we have identified some smartphone camera accessories that you definitely need to have.

Tripod: A tripod will ensure stability, which in turn will reduce the risk of blurred images and shaky videos. With a tripod, you can also master the technique of long exposure photography. If you had always wanted to shoot time-lapse videos, you can do that too with the help of a tripod. Another key benefit of using a tripod is that you can step back and relax, while you wait for that perfect moment. Depending on your needs, you can choose the standard three-leg tripod or the more flexible octopus tripod.

Bluetooth shutter device: When you are shooting at an outdoor location, you may have to wait quite a long time to get the perfect shot. As it would be difficult to hold the smartphone in your hand over longer durations, you need to invest in a Bluetooth shutter device. This device can remotely operate your smartphone camera's shutter, so you don't need to hold your phone in your hands. You can attach your smartphone to a tripod and use the shutter device to click the photos. This combination is often used for wildlife photography. Bluetooth shutter device also makes it easier to take selfies from your smartphone’s rear camera.

Smartphone gimbal accessories: If you are not using smartphone gimbal accessories, your images and videos won't have the desired quality. Smartphone gimbal accessories provide stability by minimizing forward and backward movement, right and left movement and up and down movement. These utilize advanced sensors and motors to keep your smartphone as steady as possible when you are shooting or making videos.

External microphone: Microphones in most smartphones are just not equipped to fulfill the needs of professional video shooting. This is why you will need an external microphone to go with your smartphone. These connect to your phone via the 3.5 mm headset jack. Both wired and wireless smartphone microphones are available.

When buying smartphone photography equipment online India, try not to get fixated with the price factor. Of course we all want to buy things at affordable rates, but that should not be the sole criteria. Remember that your primary objective is to shoot top quality photos and not finding the cheapest accessory to go with your smartphone camera. So try finding products that really work and help you improve the quality of your snaps and videos.
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