Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Anniversary Flowers Gifts Ideas

In our small life, the only thing that makes it larger than life is the celebratory happy moments. We come across a lot of ceremonies, which changes our life. And we celebrate the moment as much as possible to make uncountable memories. The celebration of an occasion is inseparably associated with gifts exchange as a token of congratulations. And flowers are the best ways to express every emotion like happiness, condolence, greetings and many more. Today, here we discuss the top 10 most popular wedding anniversary floral gifts to your beloved happily married ones.
  1. 1st Wedding Anniversary– Lilac
When the couple gets married, they face a lot of challenges. Though they are showing confidence that they are going to share a mutual life ahead, but inside they both have a lot of questions in them and also fear. But after the 7th year of marriage, all of those insecurities are gone. And now the couple comes out to be more confident. And to resemble this brooding confidence, this lilac is the perfect flower for all. This cheerful flower is perfect for wedding anniversary flower delivery purposes.
  1. 2nd Wedding Anniversary – Cosmos
Once the first year is gone, the couple is practically becoming more a couple than being just the lovers. They have gone beyond the sweet romantic love and have started understanding the complexity of life called marriage. A cosmos perfectly represent the initiation of the transformation from a mad lover in love to a mature significant other. Also, these wedding anniversary flowers represent the devotion to each other as a couple for the coming years. It would be an amazing happy anniversary flower. As the couple moves towards the quest of maturity, they will be perfectly symbolized with this beautiful flower of colorful nature.
  1. 3rd Wedding Anniversary – Sunflower
By the end of the second year, both the couple will be expected to understand and accustom with the deeper sense of marriage being not just a love relation but a responsibility relation. So, the third anniversary can again have some fun and happiness in the celebration mood. When it comes to enthusiasm, a bouquet of bright yellow lively sunflower bouquets will be of no other match. They are the perfect symbol of lasting happiness. You can order flowers online if you are not being able to attend their anniversary program.
  1. 4th Wedding Anniversary– Hydrangea
Hydrangea is a flower that is a compressed flower with some flow-rates. When you reach the 4th year of your marriage, the first thing that you want to express to your beloved better half is gratitude to be with you for these years. You will be having more fights, but that would make your relation stronger. Hydrangeas represent an appreciation of the fact that with every loss and gain, the person you are married to is the only one. Hydrangea has only three mild color varieties- baby pink, purple, and white.
  1. 5th Wedding Anniversary – Roses
Roses are the best flowers in the world. It would be wrong to call it the only best, but it is surely one of the best flowers. Since the Victorian age, this flower has been a symbol of expressing love. On your five long years of togetherness amidst, love, loss, pain, and gain, you deserve to love the person with your whole heart.  And a rose bouquet is what he/she would appreciate the most. Besides, roses have a blend of love, lust, respect all of which you desire from your beloved better half.
  1. 6th Wedding Anniversary– Calla Lily
If you are searching for a perfect floral gift for her, then this calla lily is the most perfect 6th-anniversary flower. This flower is decent, elegant- ideally expresses the admiration that a spouse must have to each other. Calla Lilies are white flowers which also represent the mutual respect that the couplet has gained and earned for each other in all these years. 6th anniversary with calla lilies is to celebrate all of them together. And also, every anniversary flower comes with a positive vibe of togetherness for a longer period. And calla lily is also no exception from it.
  1. 7th Wedding Anniversary– Freesia
Freesia is an uncommon flower to be gifted as a celebration of love and anniversaries. But for the 7th year of togetherness, this is the perfect flower of celebration. In a relationship, trust is a very important matter of fact. Being honest with the significant other every time makes things easy and better. Freesia expresses the ultimate trust and honesty to each other among the couple. These two are the backbone of a relationship. A good spirit alongside will make the bond grow stronger.

  1. 8th Wedding Anniversary– Carnations
Almost every flower that blooms in nature is born with certain significant meanings. Carnations are very much known for their beautiful and vibrant blossoms. The same energy is exerted by young couples. As they have come across one milestone of their journey called marriage, they have a lot of excitement and energy left in them. Carnations perfectly reflect the enthusiastic and mad love for the first year couple. Also, the mild fragrance of the colored blossoms expresses a sense of devotion and happiness for each other for the coming years. Carnations are available everywhere at reliable prices.
  1. 9th Wedding Anniversary– Bird-of-Paradise
Flowers are a very much appreciable gift for any occasion. For birthday to anniversary, every occasion has specific meanings for the perfect flowers. Birds of paradise is a rare flower but perfectly matched with the 9th-anniversary essence. Being a perfect blend of joy, splendor, and magnificent beauty, this flower will encapsulate the whole essence of the 9th anniversary of the couple. To express the perfect analogy of your long marriage and the zeal to make it longer is what this flower reflects with its beauty. As France is the motherland of this flower, it is best to order from send anniversary flower in France online shops.
  1. 10th Wedding Anniversary– Daffodil
spending ten years together is not easy, and you both have made it. Though the journey has not been smooth, it’s worth whatever you achieved. And to best appreciate your achievement, the daffodils are the best flowers. The respect, the love, the happiness-every single feeling are perfectly blended in this floral expression. And it also expresses the extension of another 10 years of togetherness.

Flowers have always been the best speaker among us. We all love to send flowers to each other. And for the couples, above are the best and most popular anniversary flowers.              
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